As we grow older, there will certainly be signs of aging that will start appearing on our face such as droopier eyes or having a more saggy chin for instance. One of the first signs of aging is wrinkles. Different people will respond differently the first time they notice wrinkles that weren't there before. Because of this, they will try to do anything to try to get rid of them. One of the things that people use to get rid of these age lines one of the many wrinkle filler products and procedures. When it comes to delaying the effects of aging, many people are willing to spend a lot of money just to look younger than they really are. This isn't surprising though considering that we live in a culture that seems to put appearance above everything else.

So how do these wrinkle fillers work anyway?

There are basically two methods of how one can go about trying to eliminate or at least reduce those wrinkles. The first involves buying them in cream form at the store. These can be found online or at any store that sells skin care products. The cost will typically be around $40 to $100. Whether or not these things work will depend on what result you are expecting. If you are expecting a miracle, then you may be disappointed. If you are expecting a bit of reduced wrinkle lines then it is more responsible. Since different people have different skin, your results will really depend on how deep your wrinkles are as well as what product you get. The best thing to do if you go with this method is to read some of the reviews from other customers to see what their experience as been like.

The other method of using wrinkle filler is the more known procedures such as Botox injections. This is a process where they basically inject a sort of poison. It's a diluted poison that paralyzes the muscles. The reason this works is that when you smile, your face will naturally tense up and create lines on your face. When Botox is used, the tension is less likely to happen and therefore will cause your face to produce a lot less wrinkles. If you ever wondered why people will a little too much Botox in their face have can't fully smile, that is why.

Another type of wrinkle filler is a process that involves injecting enzymes underneath your skin to stimulate the cells to produce collagen, which is a type of protein that will help support your skin and prevent them from collapsing and therefore reduce your wrinkles. As you grow older, your cells will produce less collagen causing you to develop those wrinkles.

Keep in mind that these procedures can be expensive and even after you have them done, you will want to eat a healthy diet that naturally aid in the anti-aging process and help your skin stay looking young. In the end though, which ever method of wrinkle filler you use, you won't be able to beat the process of aging. Look at the many of celebrities who try and end up just looking awful. Of course, in the mean time, preventing wrinkles or reducing them will a least extend your years of looking young.