The first problem the skin encounters as it ages is that it loses its moisture. When a skin cell does not contain the same amount of moisture as it once did it becomes droopy or begins to sag causing a wrinkle to form. This is the first stage many people begin to see when they notice wrinkles beginning to form.

This is why wrinkle moisturizing creams work on the early signs of aging. The second substance the skin loses when it get older is collagen. Collagen is the foundation for young healthy skin. St Ives has one of the best wrinkle moisturizing products on the market right now. I use it morning and night and have noticed a big difference in the youthfulness of my face.

There are causes of the skin to lose moisture before it should resulting in premature wrinkles. These factors include over exposure to harsh rays of the sun, smoking, and what is out into the body as a source of fuel.

I believe by now everyone has heard that too much sun is bad for your skin. It can lead to skin cancer and almost as bad more wrinkles than you would otherwise have. wearing a wrinkle moisturizer product with a SPF of thirty or higher on a daily basis will help shield the skin from the sun. Remember to use this product daily whether it is cloudy, raining, or wintertime as the suns rays still make it through clouds.

The worst reason someone can get premature wrinkling of the skin is from smoking. We have already established that what first makes the skin look old is a lack moisture, well this is what cigarette smoke does, it dries out the skin. The easiest way to stop getting premature wrinkles because of smoking is to stop smoking. Not only is smoking bad for your overall health it is very bad for your skin. If you continue smoking for over twenty years prepare to look ten to fifteen years older than your actual age.

Lastly what you are eating and drinking can cause wrinkles to form before their time. The easiest way o combat these types of wrinkles is to not drink any caffeinated beverages or alcoholic drinks as these are diuretics meaning they make the body excrete more water. Instead try just drinking water as this is what the skin is mostly made of. As for diet try to avoid overly processed foods as these are just bad for your health in general.