Wrist Heart Rate Monitor

The health of your heart determines the agility and youthfulness of your body. Is there a way to promote healthy living? With a wrist heart rate monitor, you can certainly achieve this.

The first heart rate monitor, invented in 1977 for training the Finnish National Cross Country Ski team, gained recognition as "wireless personal heart monitors". Today, the monitors are available as wireless and strap on for your wrist and chest.

The modern strapless Wrist Heart Rate Monitor utilizes the technology of conductive properties with smart fabrics, similar to electrocardiogram (ECG) machine. It transmits signals over the wireless wrist monitor and other devices like the mobile phones.

With the advancement of technology, a Wrist Heart Rate Monitor has evolved drastically. For individuals to assess the health of their heart, the advanced models offer features that identify the heart rate variability in addition to breathing and calorie-burning rate.

How does it work? The Wrist Heart Rate Monitor is equipped with sensors above and below the digital screen that allows the user to gauge the heart rate. To measure your heart rate, steadily hold the equipment with your index and middle fingers, surmounting pressure on the top and bottom sensor respectively.

You can conveniently check your heart's status while you are walking on the treadmill or even lifting weight. However, when jogging stop for 30 seconds before checking your happy beats.

Estimate your calorie expenditure with a Wrist Heart Rate Monitor. Simply input your vital stats such as age, gender and weight, and let the mini-computer do the calculations. The declared result is the number of calories you have burned while performing the activity, an indication of how many miles more to go, before you achieve your target.

The objective of the Wrist Heart Rate Monitor is to measure the rate of a beating heart, and patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases immensely benefit from it. How? The device stores information for longer periods and allows doctors to check their patient's health over a stipulated period. On the other hand, researchers collect the data and invent new medicines and technology that could improve diseases associated with the heart.

How much does it cost? Unlike earlier times, when the technology was in infancy stage, the cost greatly prohibited people from purchasing it. Today, the cost has considerably reduced, allowing people across the globe to conveniently purchase it, and continue to monitor their health. When making a purchase, ensure you research the most convenient sources such as Amazon.com and many others.