The wrist, being a visible part of the body, is the location for small adornments like bracelets and other jewelry. People, who prefer a rather artistic take on the embellishments, would love something edgier, something that reflects their personalities – wrist tattoos. A wrist tattoo may be more discreet than the ones inked on the other parts of the body, however, the wrist being a slightly unusual location for skin art; it conveys a lot of attitude and style.

Types of Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are small, as compared to other types of tattoos. Regardless of its size, there are many styles available, especially if the tattoo artist is adept at forming designs. A tattoo on wrist can take on different appearances. It could come as outer or inner wrist tattoos. It could also appear as an ink-based bracelet. Depending on your preference, tattoo artists could tweak your tattoo's appearance. You could choose from a huge list of default patterns or make your own for the artist to follow.

Wrist Tattoo Designs

A tattoo is often based on an individual's personality, experiences, beliefs, and how he or she connects them to symbols. In truth, there is an endless resource of tattoo patterns, coming from the differences in style, attitude, and personality. However, some patterns are regarded the most popular, given the number of people who draw inspiration from them. Here are some of those patterns:

· Tribal Wrist Tattoos – Tribal patterns convey strength and attitude, which match the lifestyles of a lot of people. If you're one of those people who live life on the edge, the tribal wrist tattoo is probably your design of choice. Aside from having hundreds of variations, other symbols can also be merged, easily, with tribal patterns. You'd surely love the number of patterns offered by reputable artists. No wonder tribal tattoos are considered the most popular among all designs.

· Flower Tattoos – If tribal patterns are the most popular with the male populace, women adore flower tattoos, as if they were golden jewelry. They could appear as ink-based daisy chains or the blossoms could have stems bearing tribal patterns. In effect, the wrist flower tattoo balances femininity with the edge of tribal tattoos, perfect for the modern woman's persona. Make sure you get a good artist, since the asymmetrical shapes of petals are not easy to imprint on skin.

· Star Tattoos – The star is quite a symbolic figure which many people draw inspiration from. Writers create fiction based on stars while painters usually make the celestial body the subject of their artworks. With the star's popularity as a symbol, it is an artist's pattern of choice when it comes to skin art, including wrist tattoos. Any star-based tattoo conveys independence and individuality, which fits the personalities of those who are artistically-inclined. The tattoo often comes as a row of stars or a collection of stars meshed with other personal symbols. Whichever the case, a star tattoo is always pleasantly striking.

· Cross Tattoos – The cross is a popular figure in the gothic scene, so, naturally, cross-based wrist tattoos are in circulation. People, who have knack for dark themes and heavy metal music, often pick cross tattoos, given their views on establishment and existentialism. Enthusiasts of vampire fiction also prefer the cross tattoo, since it represents counterculture, which is reminiscent of some vampire classes. So, if you want to unleash the inner rebel in you, the cross wrist tattoo should be one of your top choices.

· Butterfly Tattoos – The butterfly, like the star, is a symbol of independence. However, unlike the star, a butterfly sports a more cheerful theme. It is also inclined to sensual liberation, which is why many female partygoers have butterfly tattoos. If you want to express your freedom as a woman, the butterfly wrist tattoo comes as the most appropriate symbol. It could also be merged with other types of tattoos, like flower and tribal patterns, exuding a more organic appeal.

· Thorn Tattoos – A man is competitive in nature. He will do everything to overcome any obstacle, displaying excessive amounts of toughness in some situations. For this purpose, men would love to have skin art that represents their battles with themselves and others. Having a wrist tattoo styled like a bracelet of thorns perfectly captures the male struggle. It also suits their rough and tough personalities. If you think you are man enough to sport such a symbol, go right ahead and get yourself inked with a thorn tattoo.

The Wrist is an X-Factor

The significance of small wrist tattoos do not reflect on their size. They are often worn with pride and a hint of exhibitionism, for some patterns. The back as well as the shoulder are prevalent locations for tattoos, which kills off a bit of the novelty. Sporting a wrist tattoo, on the other hand, exudes style combined with surprise. It may just provide the "oomph" factor that you've always wanted.