Just like writers suffer from writer's block, musicians have the similar experiences where they can't seem to come up with any original ideas. Everything you start to play sounds like something you've head before and after a while it makes you want to give up on every creating anything new again.

What can you do to get inspired?

There are a few simple tricks to get yourself thinking creatively again.
Do something completely different

I'm not talking musically but literally. Put the instrument down and get out in the world and experience life. Since music is crafted after the experiences of life, it only makes sense that you loose inspiration if nothing is changing around you. If you spend some time learning other hobbies, getting together with old friends (or making new friends) you might distract yourself enough to get your creativity going again. Once you get back to your music I almost guarantee you will have a new perspective and your creative juices will start to flow again.

Jam with other people

Music doesn't happen in a vacuum. Often times if you start jamming with some like minded musicians, someone will go in a musical direction that inspires your creativity. Try to capture this on a recording so that you can listen later and refine your new idea.

Learn a different instrument

You don't have to be musically gifted to be able to make some sort of music on multiple instruments. If you try to play a different instrument, you will have to approach it differently and may just develop an interesting sound that you can then mimic on your primary instrument.

Diversify what you listen to

We are heavily influenced by the kind of music we hear every day. If you listen to top 40 songs, you will tend to write music that sounds like everything else on the radio. Step outside your comfort zone and listen to something totally different. A true musician can appreciate many (most) forms of music so let your musical intelligence grow by exposing it to something different. This will allow you to have a different sound in your head that you can adoptinto your own style and it will be totally unique and fresh.

I'm interested in seeing what techniques other people are using to overcome songwriter's block. Please leave your ideas as a  comment below.