It is deceptively easy to write an online dating profile when joining an online dating site. The trick is to write you one that gets hits and dates. As there are differences- based on your sex- this article focuses solely on a dating profile for a woman.

Recognize Traits You Seek

Just saying "I want a nice guy" in the online profile isn't enough. Sit down and figure out the characteristics you are looking for. Put physical characteristics aside and examine activity based traits instead. Be specific as to activities you want to enjoy with your new man. If you like to dance each week, then that should be an important trait for your new man. As a gourmet cook, require a man who either likes to eat or cook themselves. Make your list and know what type of man you are seeking.

Know Your Market

Without knowing who you are writing to, you won't achieve the response you desire. As there are many single females available, show him why he should choose you from the online dating site. Take your list and create a profile targeted toward the type of man you are seeking. Start with the process by your choice of profile name. Choose a name that resembles the type of man you are looking to attract. Choose a name like sailor girl, golfer chick or gourmet enthusiast. Pick a tag line that shows at a glance what you want, such as sailor looking for a mate, dancer seeking partner or volley with me.

Speak His Language

If you are searching for a man who sails recreationally, then use sailing terms within your profile. Pepper your "about me" section with terms about the activity you enjoy. Catch his interest by showing him you know how to speak his language in your online dating profile. Refer to terms within the activity that only insiders know, include a paragraph about the best time you had doing this activity. Show him that you will fit into his existing world and circle of friends. Let him know you two share similar interests.

Be Consistent

Carry the message throughout your dating profile with the use of pictures and words. List the traits you desire along with a picture of you on a sailboat, cooking in the kitchen, playing volleyball or dancing. Show your participation within the activity. Give him a chance to see your enthusiasm for the activity and offer to share this experience with him. Subtly inform him that you have a full exciting life that you would like to share with another, but do not require another to "feel" complete, though your messages and picture, not through the actual words.