InfoBarrel Monthly Earnings

Many people think that to be a successful writer the need to write and publish a New York Times best-selling book but in reality more people make their money writing simple articles online for websites such as info barrel as well as writing for their own blog.

Think of writing an article the same as building a billboard. You build the billboard then you can sell advertising on it. The more billboards you have the more places you can place advertisements and the more money you can make. If you only erect one billboard then you will not ever make a high income. If on the other hand you litter the interstate highway system with billboards then you are bound to begin making money and a lot of it.

Write daily

When you write for a websites such as InfoBarrel it is vital that you write daily. If you continue to write daily and publish new articles on info barrel or other similar rent sharing website in your earnings will increase over time. If you simply write 1000 words a day for the next year will be in a great position earn more money. 1000 words a day may seem like a lot to you especially if you're a new writer courses do this is a part-time hobby however once you been in the game for a while you will learn that you want to write a least 5000 words a day minimum on average.

Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking I have written well over 5000 words on numerous days however I have not been able to do it on a daily basis yet. I was concentrate solely on info barrel and writing 5000 words a day over the next six months to a year by earnings would rapidly increase.

My per article earning average each month is much lower than most of the writers here on info barrel but I make up for with the quantity of articles that I publish.

If you want to write daily but don't want to pump out 5000 words each day for a year and it is good to in the late a writer such as JC Mayer 777. JC Mayer 777 utilizes keyword tactics and is able to write a lot less articles in idea but is able to earn much much more each and every month. You want to be a big earner on info barrel without writing of the bazillion articles than it is great to follow and emulate would JC Mayer 777 does.

Writing blog and passive income blog

Another great way to stimulate and motivate you is to start your own blog to keep track of your earnings from writing for websites such as InfoBarrel. You can also use your blog to drive traffic to your InfoBarrel articles as well as monetize the blog itself with Adsense ads.

If you begin to get bored writing but a particular topic this simply find another topic that you are interested in the freedom InfoBarrel provides allows us to write about almost any topic that we desire. For also many other styles of articles from the four-part article as well as top 10 articles and many other variations. If you get bored writing traditional articles then feel free to try a top 10 articles or other similar style.

The most important thing to keep in mind is you need to keep writing and it write a lot. Even if you utilize SEO tactics and implement them exactly the same as JC Mayer 777 does you will still need to add a lot of content but not as much is someone does not utilize SEO tactics.

Writing articles for InfoBarrel and similar sites does not involve any upfront money needed. If you write hard for a year and seriously work it then you will begin to earn a nice amount of money. You may earn $150 a month like I do for you may earn well over $1000 a month like JC Mayer 777 does.