Today is the first day of the rest of my life. How cliché, yet so true. This is not some lead in for a chick flick but it is a lead in to an article that will reside on InfoBarrel for the foreseeable future. The articles I write for InfoBarrel today will have the potential of generating me revenue month after month for the duration of their stay on the InfoBarrel servers.

I have an article that consistently pulls in $3.50-$4.50 each month. What if I had never written this? What if I had watched a movie instead? I would be losing $40-$60 or more each year. I had no idea that this writing would become a small cherry. What if I had 150 articles that earned between $3-$4 each month? The only way I can get those cherry articles is by writing and publishing. Not all articles will make that much per month; I know I will have plenty of of them published on InfoBarrel that make little to no money each month. I also know that it is very possible to get a cherry article that makes $20.00 or more every month.

I do not (yet) have an article that consistently makes $20.00 every month but I am very aware of other people who have had an article on InfoBarrel that makes around $25.00 each month. I am not striving necessarily to get cherry articles that earn $25.00 per month. I am striving to have 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel and I hope that enough of them will be a cherry that earns enough consistently month after month, drastically boosting my residual income using InfoBarrel.

I will strive to have my 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel by the end of the year but I will also be extremely busy as I will be writing a lot for upfront pay. Upfront payments from Break Studios and private clients will keep my extremely busy. Upfront Payments are what has allowed me to quit my job and become a full time web content writer. I no longer have to answer to a boss. I am my own boss.

Although I rely heavily on upfront payments for writing content I will also continue to write for InfoBarrel. The more I have published on InfoBarrel the more money I will earn. And the more residual money I earn from InfoBarrel then the less I have to write for upfront payments.

Last year I became a writer for the Examiner and wrote a lot there. I then quit writing near as much. I do not write on a regular basis for my Twin Falls Bicycle transportation Examiner position, my 110 articles or so still earn me between $1.00-$3.50 each day, even when I do not add new content. I have periodic days where one of my writings will suddenly garner a lot of pageviews and I can earn upwards from $30.00 in one day from a single article. On days when I publish something new, I will then see increased earnings across the board on examiner as pageviews to my other articles spike upwards.

I will begin pumping out more Examiner publications for both my local Examiner position as well as my national Bicycle transportation Examiner title. And I will write predominantly for upfront payments, but I will also spend some time each day writing for InfoBarrel.

The key for us to use InfoBarrel and Examiner to make money is to write articles. If you do not write a lot of articles for these publishing platforms then you cannot make very much money. Use your time wisely and instead of wasting time pull out your laptop and start writing articles. The articles you write will have the potential to earn you money each month for the rest of your life.