Stock image photography sites have increased considerably in number around the web in the last couple of years for a couple of reasons. Search engine algorithms have weeded out poorly written content, black hat techniques and placed a lot of emphasis on quality writing. Part of putting together a quality piece of writing is having visual cues that accompany it. Tons of these are found using stock image photography sites.

Visual aids for your written work include things such as videos, pictures and blogs. Most writers who find themselves on a limited budget while attempting to increase their income will use stock photography image resources. with the right knowledge and know how using these sites could net you an additional piece to your written work that moves an okay piece of writing to a WOW piece of writing.  This is a brief review of the advantages these types of sites will give your written content.


Avoid the first page of these sites

The first page of most of these sites is where the vultures land. This is where the lazy will tend to go and nine times out of ten these are the pics found more often around the web. simply gazing through an extra three, four or even five pages will still find you great sources, but more importantly not used as often making you more unique.

Trends are not for you

Passive writing income is where a great number of writers find their income. This means having pieces which are timeless. If you are a writer using a lot of trendy material, you will find out how fast these fade out and so will your article

Connection writing and images

Your image should connect with your writing. The subject of your work and visual cue you use should supplement one another. Make certain a connection or them is easily recognized. Avoid hidden meanings or inside jokes. These will hurt your terrific writing and drive a reader away from your work instead of towards it

Make the pic as visually appealing as possible

You do not want to use a map that is too small to read or a picture where the pixels are sloppy or offset.  Get one as nice as possible. Although you are not the photographer, the pic is associated with your work and the quality should reflect this

Illustrations and maps are a friend

Maps and illustrations are not used as often as they could be. Having these in place for many writers would work better than an actual picture. Consider using these when possible.  Surprisingly readers find these useful when put together with articles that fit with them nicely.

Real people are important

Real people are more attractive than cartoons or funny art. Some writers have made a living or brand using cartoons or off brand artwork. This is the exception to the rule. Scientific studies have demonstrated readers enjoy seeing pics of real people. Most generally they like people who look that them. Use real people in pictures when possible.

In conclusion

Unfortunately, there are few writers who also are photographers. Until you branch into this other area of expertise, and become good at it, use stock photo sites to your advantage. There are some wonderful images, illustrations and pictures at these websites which could make your work even better than it already is. Knowing how to use these to your advantage is a step in the right direction of increasing your income and promoting your professional writing career.

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