What is an evergreen-article?

An evergreen-article is one that people will search for information on all year round. Not like articles relating to Christmas or Easter they are seasonal only.


Anyone who enjoys writing and looking to increase their earnings needs to be aware of some important factors.As you can understand every article that is written does not earn money and that is okay if you wish to write for enjoyment.






On the other hand if you hope to make money with your online writing and earn money with Google Adsense, then you need to write evergreen-articles. What are evergreen-articles? No we are not promoting gardening products.






evergreen-articles are subjects or topics that will be searched for on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engines on the internet. Topics that will not become outdated in ten or twenty years time.For instance; writing subjects like personal safety, shopping online, how to articles or DIY articles with clear precise instructions.






Non evergreen-articles are ones that involve what happened last night at a basketball match. Or why someone robbed a bank.Not many people would be interested in those topics in a year's time or even a week after the event for that matter.So you may earn something for a week then it would just die a natural death.With no one searching for that topic, there are no more earnings.






Special Day Articles






This type of articles will earn you good money for a month to eight weeks before and right up to the Special Day. Special Day articles are written specifically for Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas. Or any other special events celebrated all over the world.






These could be ideas on how to make or buy gifts for those occasions.People need ideas on how to plan a meal for a special occasion. Where to go or places to visit and celebrate these special occasions with family and friends.






No these are not evergreen-articles, but if you plan and write these articles early you will still earn more for these types of articles than non evergreen-articles, for a certain time.






Writing niche evergreen-articles






This is another way of writing evergreen-articles and become known for your knowledge on a particular subject.A niche article is having good solid knowledge and information on particular subjects:






For example:






  • Breeding and training dogs


  • Breeding and training pet birds


  • Strong knowledge on web design


  • Jewelry making or hobbies

Take the first niche topic - you could write:






  • Different varieties of dogs (there are lots of different breeds of dogs)


  • Breeding dogs


  • Training dogs


  • Vet care


  • Vaccinations


  • Dog shelters


  • Dog adoptions


  • Toys


  • Bedding


  • Traveling with a dog






See what I mean, and I have only skimmed the surface on this subject.With any niche subject you can write literally hundreds of different articles in a variety of ways. If this is your niche then as people read your articles they will return to your site or web page time and time again to learn more.






Now that you have written your evergreen-articles, you will still need to create back links from other sites so people can find your great creative articles from all over the internet. Add them to Facebook, twitter and many other writing sites like the one you are on now Info barrel.











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Earn passive income











Earn passive income means that by continually writing articles you will gradually build up your collection of articles. You will continually earn a passive income each day, week after week, year after year throughout your lifetime from these same articles.. You will earn this money from Google Adsense when people click on the adverts on your pages.






Whatever you write about, try to make sure it is informative, and hopefully people reading this article will have learned something new too.