My First Month on InfoBarrel

and this is how it went.

So I'm not real sure how I came across InfoBarrel, but I'm glad I did.  I've tried blogging before, but never found a niche I thought I could write about every day.  I'm still looking for a niche site or topic that I feel confident I could write at least 20 articles per month, which according to a recent HubPages report should boost monthly traffic by more than 12X a website with a blog that only posts a few pages per month.  My first blog was completely random, and is still available for the unwary hitchhiker that stumbles across it at about 3 in the morning.  Yikes.Making Money Online(114868)Credit: author

Like you, my main goal in writing online is to create passive income, in order to create a better lifestyle for my family.  We're currently working on becoming debt-free, and I talk about that a little bit over here.  My wife and I learned about Dave Ramsey and his methods for becoming debt free, and ever since we were first motivated by his story, we set ourselves to the challenge.  I'll write a more detailed approach soon, and link to that here once it's published.  

As close as we are to becoming debt-free, I could simply pick up a part-time job delivering pizzas or something, and move it along faster than the expected ten months we anticipate it will take us to complete our debt payoff.  Even more exciting is the ability to make passive income online and generate continual, long-term income like I first read about in Robert Allen's Multiple Streams of Income.

Let's get to the meat of things for September 2012:

  • Amazon Affiliates: 4 clicks, $0 earnings   :(
  • Chitika Affiliates:  0 clicks, $0 earnings   :(
  • Google AdSense:  1 click (yay!!!), $0.10 earnings  :)

Ten cents isn't much, especially when you factor in the seven articles (and at least ten hours) published during the month.  But with passion comes dedication, and it's not only about the money.  I'm finding myself thinking more clearly and more purposefully in my day-to-day living, so there are some greater things going on here than a couple nickels in my pocket.  Praise God for that!

One Awesome Thing That Happened In September:

My second article became a featured article!!!  Wa-hoo!!!  I'm pretty sure this is where my ten cents came from (above), btw.

Sometime during the month, I had discovered the Editorial Calendar, aka 'Get Featured.'  I found that I was even more control of my destiny than I had imagined.  I thought getting featured was an act of randomness, that the interweb rulers made those calls out of the thin, blue sky.  Well, they do, but at least I can help influence them.  I scoured the editorial calendar for topics on articles I had written thus far, and submitted mine for consideration, sometimes multiple times.  

At this point in the game, I need a strategy.  My first one wasn't so much a strategy as it was a goal: 

To write 100 articles by December 31, 2012.  That's about 1 article per day, which I can handle pretty easily.  My goals usually aren't simple anymore.  I've learned to set complex, challenging goals that require multiple steps and long term commitments, and this passive income online thing is no different.  From running marathons to baking cheesecake, I've learned this about myself.  It's that if I'm going to spend my time here on this earth, I want it to be meaningful.  And nothing meaningful comes easily.  So I seek bigger, hairier, more audacious goals than I sought yesterday, and by this method I relish the life I lead.Passive Income TargetCredit: Flickr user

My first few articles came to me without much effort, I must admit.  After that, I had so many ideas I began using Evernote to keep track of them.  Every time I thought of something else I could write intelligently about, I would add it to my ongoing list of article ideas.  Then I realized I could just write for the editorial calendar.

So my strategy (to reach my goal- you must have both!) is to pick one article from the upcoming month's editorial calendar, and write about that.  I may have to do a lot of research to write intelligently, but getting featured can help me meet my goals pretty fast.

I've learned an incredible amount in my three weeks on InfoBarrel, and I hope to understand some of it well enough by this time next month to ensure I can put my thoughts on paper for you.  Probably the biggest thing I learned was accountability.  Accountability to myself, to my family, and to the readers of InfoBarrel.  I saw others posting their passive income reports, and I figured it was a good way to build in accountability.  

Thanks for reading, and I hope this earnings report helps us all earn more passive income writing for InfoBarrel.  Cheers!