Writing Effective Sales Copy

Sell Products With Your Words

Writing ad copy is an art form unto itself. You may decide to take a class (or more than one class) on how to write ad copy that sells, and that would probably be a good idea. This article introduces you to some of the key concepts and principles involved in writing successful ad copy. Of course, you will want to read as many articles on the subject as you possibly can so that you are armed with enough information to tackle any ad copy writing task that comes your way. 

Write a long, detailed list of all the benefits of the product or service you are selling. Leave nothing out of this list. The more genuine benefits you can find and list, the better your finalized sales copy will be. In other words, the more selling points you can find, the better your argument will be and the more persuasive you will be with potential customers, whether those potential customers are online or offline.  

Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and reread your initial list of benefits. Which benefits stand out to you as the most important and most persuasive points? When you reread the list from the potential customer’s point of view you will get a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the product’s or services key selling points. These are the points that should be listed first. 

Rewrite the benefits in your best (but least smarmy) “sales” voice and taking into consideration the key benefits that customers will be seeking from your sales copy. Don’t pour it on too thick. People do not want to feel like they are being “snowed” or deceived in any way. Use a natural tone of voice, and do not exaggerate, but do drive home your selling points in a compelling and persuasive (yet palatable) manner.  

Envision specific objections that customer might have while you work on revising your sales copy.  as For instance, you will need to address any potential concerns people might have about the cost or quality of the product or service and be prepared to write your sales copy in a manner that addresses any potential concerns or objectives that they might have. Always read your sales copy out loud to see how it "flows." If any words or phrases feel awkward or forced, you will want to rewrite them until the sales copy sounds strong and convincing.