Do you find that there are not enough hours in a day to develop new ideas and to write website content in a timely manner? Here is an innovative way to make your time work for you.

You can buy a mini cassette recorder for less than $30.00. This business tool will increase your website content incredible! You can find some online for even less. This item is well worth the money as it will free up the time you spend driving so you can create entire articles for your website content. Be sure to get one that is easy to use and can be held in the palm of your hand.



Once you purchased your cassette recorder, become familiar with it so you don't have to fuss with it while you're driving. Get to know where the record and stop button are, so it won't interfere with your driving. You could always run it the whole time you drive if you want as the tapes are around 30- 90 minutes long. 



Learn to signify complete thoughts for your website content that you are recording. When you are finished a thought, state the next one by saying, New Idea or New article. It will make it more organized when you take the ideas off your recorder for your web content. 



Turn the recorder off between thoughts and ideas so that there won't be blank sections unless you decide to leave it on while you're driving. This way it will be quicker writing it down when you remove the ideas for your web content articles. 



Turning your driving time into gathering information for website content for your articles or web ezines can be faster and easier. If you drive 1 hour both ways to work 5 days a week, you have 5 hours of time to record. You could complete entire articles with that time! Some of my best ideas have come to me while driving and I believe this is a much safer way than writing while I'm driving. I have lost way too much content by not being able to write it down. 






  • Saving time and saving those potential lost ideas can increase your website content writing.


  • Creating new ideas and web content will increase your articles


  • This may not work for you while driving with someone.


  • Be safe and learn the buttons on your cassette so you don't distract your driving.