Telling a company that you no longer want their services is not that easy to write, but you may one day find yourself in the unfortunate position where you must write a cancellation letter. This applies to the cancellation of TV cable service, cell phone service, gym membership, magazine subscription, an appointment, reservation, or even a credit card cancellation. This does not need to be as complex as writing a business plan. The most important consideration when you are writing a cancellation letter is that you do not want to burn any bridges because you never know if and when you may need these particular services again in the future. Follow the step outlined below to learn how to write a formal cancellation letter that will get the job done, no matter what type of service you are canceling. The cancelation letter will be concise and to the point. It should address your dilemmas but do so in a positive manner such that an opening for future agreements may be possible.


To begin you cancellation letter, you should write "Dear ______". Insert the name of the group or person whom this cancellation letter is addressed to. Cancellation letters in general are of a more serious nature, so you want to dictate the formal tone of this message from the onset. Starting with an informal salutation such as "Hey" or "Yo" will not suffice.


Next, you'll have to formally write what the cancellation letter is regarding. For instance, you can write the following to begin: "I am sending you this written notice to formally request the cancellation of..." Be sure to announce the name of the service that you are canceling. You may need to provide additional information to complete the cancelation of your policy. You do not need to include the reasons for your cancelation unless this is an early termination of a contract, or otherwise required.


If you are expecting any type of refund or compensation for payments that you have previously made, be sure to include this stipulation in the cancellation letter as well. You can include this information by adding the following - "It is my understanding that upon receiving this cancellation notice, you will refund my..."


In addition to the information state above, it is always beneficial to include any official documentation that pertains to this service. Useful documentation would include any membership cards, subscription paperwork, or legal contracts. Never send your original documents. You should make a copy and keep the originals for yourself. You should also make copies of your account/membership number for easy reference and so that the company can more easily locate you within their system.


Finally, you should end this cancellation letter on a good note by saying "thank you." Even though the cancellation may not have been performed on a positive note, you should nonetheless make an attempt to remain civil and amiable. Even if you cancel something like a credit card service, you never know when you may require this service some time in the future, so it is always helpful to keep potential lines of communication open. Include your signature and date. Below your signature, on the cancellation letter itself; you should include your printed name and your address, so that your contact information will be legible.