When you are trying to write a lot of articles it can often lead to burn out. Here are some tips to use on how to write a lot of articles in a short period of time.

Just write

When all else fails just start writing. An article will eventually come out of what you are writing and then you can go with it. Just start typing stuff out and pretty quickly you will get an idea of something to write an article about.

Avoid Writers Block

You should never have writers block. As a professional writer who relies on his or her income from writing articles it is vital that you never experience writers block or you will lose a lot of money. Writers block can be overcome in a myriad of ways.

Anytime you are surfing the Internet and run across something interesting you should copy and paste a blurb about it and then when you have writers block you can go refer to this list which will have a tone of different ideas on it that you have built-up.

Write similar articles

If you are writing an article about the “Top 5 Places to Visit in Hawaii” then you might as well go write a similar article for every other State. Your writing will come faster because you are using a similar style for each article and a similar format. The only things you need to change up are the details of each article since they each will deal with a different State.

If you go through each State and want to continue the format then you can expand to others articles that are the same article format for other Countries or towns within each State. This way you can also write about “Top 5 Places to Visit in Las Vegas” as well as “Top 5 Places to Visit in Russia”.

Don’t Get Distracted

It can be easy to get distracted checking Facebook, email, and other websites while you are online trying to write articles. If you cut yourself off from other websites except for research then you can stay on task and actually finish some articles reasonably quick.

Set Goals

RunnersCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rvwithtito/6161061961/Set high goals and then stick with it. If you make a goal of writing 150 articles in one month that are 1,000 words each then you need to start writing. Don’t think too much and just start writing. Writing 150,000 words in a single month will; seem over whelming but if you stick to your goals and force yourself to do it then you will find that the bar has been raised. If you write 150 articles in one month then the following month you write 75 articles it will see like writing the 75 articles is super easy to do. 75 articles will be much easier to write than 150 and you will feel like 75 is a much more manageable number. On the other hand people who only write 12 articles per year will find 75 in one month to be impossible. It all has to do with your mind-set and how you focus on your work for the month.

Spell Check Later

Many people stop and spell check as they go. They will stop in mid thought and delete words and fix grammar errors. This should not be done until you finish writing the article. If you get in a “zone” and are writing a lot of articles quickly then go ahead and write a batch of say 10-25 articles and then spell check them and fix the grammar before you publish them or send them off to the client.

Have Fun

Writing should be fun overall. Writing 150,000 words in one month will probably suck real bad but at the end of the month if you meet your goal you will get a “runners high” and feel a lot of pride in what you accomplished.

Long Term

If you can write 150 articles of 1,000 words each in a single month then you can easily write more than 300 articles in a month that are 400-500 words long. Shorter articles are often easier. If you focus and write 350 shorter articles a month and publish them on InfoBarrel then you will see you passive income skyrocket. Work hard over the next year so you can relax more for the rest of your life. Writing is not always easy but if you focus on your long term goals such as building up passive income of $1,000 a month or more then it gives you something to work towards. When you see you Adsense income increasing it can give you natural motivation to write even more so you can reach your goals even faster.

Business Plan

You may be simply writing for clients and for yourself on a website like InfoBarrel but it is vital that you write down a basic business plan and then stick to it. If you plan on writing articles and building up Adsense income then stick to it. Some people may read about EBay or some other business and then switch over to it. Most people that do this are constantly switching businesses and they are not successful art any of them.

If you want to set a goal of writing 1,000 InfoBarrel articles then it is vital that you stick to it until you reach your goal. Don’t monkey around and do 5-10 articles a month. If you truly want to make money you need to be writing a lot and posting a lot of articles each month. Don’t switch businesses until your reach your goal. Once you get 1,000 articles online earning you passive income you will be grateful that you followed through on your business plan because now you get a nice check each month from Adsense and it allows you to have more money to spend on other things such as traveling and new clothes. Smart businessmen however will take their earnings and reinvest them until they have increased their business to a level where they are earning the amount they want to be.