Don't Let Your InfoBarrel Articles be Unseen

HubPages is known as a multi-user writing platform in which you can make hubs, a term comparable to articles, and then publish afterward. Now, you may ask as to why you should write for HubPages, rather than create your own blog? Well, you can write for HubPages if you area in the process of managing your own blog or still an amateur writer.

Many writers decide to write for HubPages simply because they blog, not to mention that they have several other subjects that they desire to write about, but wouldn’t fit into the topic of their current blog. First of all, let us enumerate some of the reasons why more and more people decide to write for HubPages.

  1. People write for HubPages because they already write for InfoBarrel or another article directory. In this way, they can backlink their other articles through HubPages and rise in the rankings of Google.
  2. People write for HubPages because of its neat and fine-looking design. (I LOVE THEIR DESIGN!) It’s easy insert photos, tables, quizzes, Google maps and video. Adsense is placed in the right spot so “hubbers” can bring in much more profit. I made $0.82 in 2 weeks. That’s a great start!
  3. People write for HubPages because they want to earn money. Needless to say, majority of online writers have the enthusiasm to generate profits from this website which shares over 50 percent of Adsense proceeds to the online writer who can likewise yield income from eBay, Kontera and Amazon.
  4. People write for HubPages because the website itself is so simple to manage. They can put in several images from photo sharing websites as well as embed videos.
  5. People write for HubPages because they learn a lot of things from other writers through the forum. You can ask something from this website and, quickly, there will be many other writers who will be willing to provide you with an answer.
  6. People write for HubPages to promote their blog and/or articles. They make use of RSS feeds to advertise their most recent article published on their website or blog. The best use is by using HubPages to backlink articles found on other sites. Write an article on HubPages and place 2 links back to your site or article and watch the traffic rise.
  7. People write for HubPages because of the point system. Each writer is scored from 0 to 100, 100 being the best. You begin by being level 20 and either scale up or down depending upon the quality of your articles and input on the site. It’s great to see your numbers go up. And they will.
  8. People write for HubPages because of their current Alexa rating. The Alexa rating for HubPages is, at present, 174 in the article directory category, which makes it the fourth in authority of all article directories. This will give your writings much more authority in Google.

The main success ingredient in Hubpages is this: Keyword Research. (There is one very important thing to keep in mind when you write for Hubpages, and that is keyword research. Take some time to target the correct keywords to ensure that you will be headed in the right direction. After all, writing will be totally worthless if there is absolutely no one interested in reading your articles.

Another thing to take into account is the title. Your title should be engaging enough for the readers and search engines. Would you still want to be seen on Google’s first page even if people are not enthusiastic to read your content? In addition, you must make your articles in HubPages known. Remember that writing an appealing and relevant article is not enough to make you earn money. If nobody knows that your articles exist, then obviously your time and effort will only be wasted.

When you write for HubPages, depending upon the website’s reputation, sitting back and relaxing as well as waiting for the traffic to arrive is very easy, but consider this: what do you think is going to happen when your HubPages article is backed up by your backlinking campaign? How much more traffic could you draw to your article if you were continuously backlinking?

Google Adsense is another reason why people write for HubPages. Adsense advertisements are placed throughout your articles as images or text links. If the ad is clicked, you will obtain earnings 6 times out of 10. The amount of your earnings per click through Google Adsense depends upon a number of factors such as: 

·         The type of traffic obtained

·         The quality of the articles

·         The subject matter 

The more engaging and pertinent your article is, the more readers are going to link to it; plus the more chances your articles are going to be seen by a lot of people. Furthermore, advertisers would like their adverts popped up on your pages when you have high-quality articles. When you write for HubPages, keep in mind that poor quality and SPAM could mean advertisements being blocked by several merchants. You wouldn’t want your articles to be combined with something that seems like a piece of junk, would you? 

In the event that you obtain natural traffic to your content, you must be able to take home some money. Having search engine traffic can give you a click or sale as the visitor who is searching for something in Google or Yahoo is obviously searching for an answer to a dilemma and might come across that thing he is searching for through your hub’s text advertisement. This kind of visitor could be a “click-happy” type, and not a person who has a more focused goal. Simply put, this visitor is plainly seeking something. An ad is a legitimate means to help people find answers to whatever their asking. When you write for Hubpages, write very educational and useful articles to generate more profit; all your efforts will be worth it at the end of the day.

What you write about is the major indicator of what you can make, per click, when you write for HubPages. Writing about home renovation will, perhaps, give you more income than if you wrote about the movie “Titanic”. This is for the simple reason that products and/or services related to home renovation are more costly than those related to film. Companies that sell top quality products have more funds to spend on advertising due to their products’ higher margins. Therefore, there is a bigger payout once a sale has been made or an email of a possible client was gathered for email listings.

You can also earn money through referrals when you write for HubPages. You can join eBay and Amazon, to be an affiliate, and begin to refer products. You are going to be paid by both companies directly. Referral links can be utilized when you write for HubPages.  You can either, type your hub’s keywords, and, more or less, put them on autopilot, so that related products are shown automatically, or you could choose to single out particular products yourself. It all depends on your style and what you decide to write about. There are so many possibilities for writing on such a quality website. The way I use it, and the best way (in my opinion), is for backlinking my articles on InfoBarrel. You’ll need HubPages to make the most of InfoBarrel and your bank account.