Few people have said Wizzley is quite similar to Squidoo.

I started to make the daily ritual of going to Info Barrel to check on the captivating community of writers and Internet marketers in March 2010.  I did signed up on February 23, 2010.  Fellow writer cosmopinkice didn’t want me to give her referral ID until I ended up offering her $10 USD.  Before that, I perpetually begged and groveled to receive the referral.  I was willing to pay because I didn’t want my new career as a website content writer to sink along with Mahalo.

Two Attributes

The real money, which was not counterfeit, that I spent was extremely worthwhile.  As a matter of fact, my experience at Info Barrel has been so great that it is worth a lot more than $10.00.  I’m really kidding about giving cosmopinkice money, and her refusing to let me sign up with her referral.  It doesn’t cost a penny to join Info Barrel, which has a signature-free forum.  IB’s default selection as to when will members receive email notifications regarding their friends’ activity doesn’t involve receiving letters when a friend has published an article.  Heck, Info Barrel saves a lot of time for everyone by having some issues with difficulties to resolve the problem of the members not receiving emails from the website.  They have responded to the problem whenever someone mentions in the website’s forum.  

First Impression of Wizzley’s Forum

It was in May 2011 that I decided to see how the forum is at Wizzley.  Wow!!  It is paradise for people who love the capability of having a signature when you post a message.  They could at least limit the signature links to go to anywhere in Wizzley’s website.  I hope they will do that.  I haven’t been back to the forum since I noticed it.  

Despite the fact that I think the appearance (color scheme) of Wizzley’s forum looks appealing to be part of, I would be judgmental when I would visit it again.  I’ll be negatively judging members just because they have a signature that leads viewers to a non-Wizzley webpage.  I definitely would be more harsh towards the individuals who have links that seems like they are trying to sell products.  In my opinion, I consider promoting your goodies on any forum is trying too hard.  There’s always the option of clicking on a member’s name to browse what the person has to offer on a profile page or a list of written articles.

Receiving Timely Emails on Your Inbox

After I signed up to write for Wizzley, I joined fan clubs of two other members that I recognized that also write for Info Barrel.  One of them kept on writing articles.  I found out about them because I kept on receiving separate emails for each written article by that member.  I don’t need to acknowledge so much emails when the writer wrote more than a handful in a matter of days.  I think weekly letters would suffice.  Instead of piquing my interest on what the writer has written, I ended stop being a fan of that person.  Yes, I’m aware that I could change the setting of what notifications I shall get, I think.

Having people taking some time to figure out how to do things to enhance their experience with a user-generated content website doesn’t seem like a good tactic.  It’s not easy to make money writing for the more recently established websites; thus, they should not be spending time doing other things than write, write, write, and research. Having a writer’s mind wandering to read emails, browse to read news, or play any game on Facebook will not help the writer to concentrate on creating web content without long delays.  To me, Info Barrel doesn’t have their default choice as when to send out notifications regarding friends’ activities set to send a plethora of trivial letters.  Of course I get a lively feeling when one of my articles has a comment on it after someone has read it. The Admin at IB even fixed the funky consequence of getting two emails whenever a member types a comment on one of the author’s articles.  I started to see that after Info Barrel 2.0 was released.  I presumed they reduced the number of emails sent after a member mentioned it in the forum.  It was a bit annoying to me to receive more than one notifications, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Positive About Wizzley

Wizzley is great in a certain way.  I am not just writing this article to complain and leave only a negative impression on the website.  It does seems like it, doesn’t it?  The way that they have Amazon products integrated into each article looks good.  It looks clean. Wizzley certainly has done  a better job of placing links for Amazon items than Info Barrel. Readers will always see an Amazon widget (with black contours) being stationed on the bottom right-hand side for each and every Info Barrel article.

I’m Both a Nobody and a Somebody

I am a nobody.  I’ve never received any accolades from a prestigious entity for my journalism. Thus, I believe anyone who’s offended by this article should not harangue me unless you will give constructive criticisms.  Wizzley currently may not be for me, but millions of others may galvanize it and earn plenty of money.

I am a someone; I’m a person who’s capable of thinking.  My opinions on Wizzley does count because I’m sure that I behave like many other Internet content writers.  I think it’s important to listen to everyone who has an opinion about something.  I am quite new at freelancing.  So, I tend to follow others as oppose vice versa.  

Almost Done - Need to Place More Interlinks

Here is my favorite article that cosmopinkice has written:  Bonding with a Baby

The subject matter just makes me a little bit emotional, and the article has an adorable picture of a newborn huddled with clothes and blankets.

I have another article for you to read.  This one was written by my most loyal fan on Info Barrel, Deborah-Diane.  She’s also perhaps one of the most friendliest members at IB.  It is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, a Book Review.  I haven’t read that book, but I’ve read A Thousand Splendid Suns, which I thought Khaled did a masterful job of writing a well-written book with profound subject matters.