My motive to write an article to promote Seekyt is for me to get referrals for that website.  I will get 25% of Adsense and Amazon impressions from each member that signs up under referral.

Join Seekyt

I recently found two members of Info Barrel (IB) submitting Seekyt articles that have backlinks to their IB articles.  I wonder who did they signed up under.  There definitely are plenty of other IB members that also have written articles for Seekyt.  I‘ve been a member there since January 2011. I signed up using jpwriter’s referral after that person wrote a post on IB’s forum to inform others about Seekyt being a good website to write for.  There are many pleasant reasons to do so.

Text Editor

The text editor for Seekyt has some problems.  First, I want to mention it is on WordPress. I am having trouble to simply place H Tags - headers and create blockquotes.

Customizing Adsense and Amazon

Seekyt lets you choose the type of placement for the Adsense ads to be shown. You can choose between banners, default, squares-right, and squares-top. Another good feature for me is choosing whether you want Amazon widget showing products to entice readers to shop there.  Right now I live in California, where Amazon pulled out their affiliation program due to the state attempting to be more aggressive in collecting sales tax from that corporation.  It stinks that the Amazon widget that Info Barrel has automatically shows up on every article.  

I think by now some people may be interested in joining Seekyt

Seekyt Looks Nice

Are you fond of seeing your Info Barrel articles having Infolinks on it?  I certainly am not.  I don’t blame Ryan and Kevin trying to earn some money by monetizing the content with pop-up advertisements.  I hope one day those ads will be eliminated.  Those types of ads are nonexistent at Seekyt.  Now you probably envision Seekyt as being less busy than Info Barrel.

Complementing the Content

The widgets from the top to the bottom on the right column at are search bar, block of Adsense, Latest Comments, Top Users, Latest Journal Entries, Learn More About Seekyt, and Saved Posts Keywords The webmaster for Seekyt spent a lot of time creating a long list of low competition and high paying keywords.  He even listed the Monthly Potential, Earnings Per Click, Expected Traffic, and Diffiulty for each keyword listed.

I Always Bug The Webmaster

I’ve contacted the webmaster via email about 7 times, and he responds to me every time. When I log in the next day, I see that he replied back.  I absolutely am not just saying that.  If you have some questions about Seekyt, the FAQ page might have some answers for you.