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Write for Your Pleasure First - Money and Profit Will Follow

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Write From the Heart

If you want to become a writer, then in the beginning,  write for pleasure and let the profits follow. Whatever you do in life, make sure you enjoy the journey along the way. Writing is no different. People will know that your heart is not in the topics you write, if you have no interest in the subject. Well-written articles or stories will earn profits.

This may not apply for the professional writer, although for a beginner it is important to choose subjects close to your heart. Always write about the things you love doing or interest you. Find an unusual angle or a specific way of showing people how to make it different.

Whatever you write, it must all start with a good beginning, middle, and end with something your reader will not forget. Give your reader something to ponder on when they finish reading your article or story. I know it is not easy, but never give up trying.

Find Topics to Write

Always write about something familiar to you. You can laugh if you like, but I am writing this in between customers. Yes, I am having a very poor Garage Sale today. It is raining today; hence, no one wants to step outside. So here, I am sitting inside writing this. There you go: write an article on "How to run a successful Garage Sale". Anyone could beat what I am doing, that's for sure.

Write an article or make up a fictional story about something you believe, needs telling. Then create the characters specifically, to deliver this message. Convince your readers that they are credible, honest, or criminal depending on the type of story you create.

Writing: Writing a Novel

Many well known authors failed with their first attempt, so do not give up.

Put yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine a vagrant living on the streets. What would they wear, do not dress them in good clothes, nor give them an educated speech, unless you have a specific reason to lead your readers astray.

Every writer will have a problem with writer's block, at one stage in his/her writing career, even the professional novelist. Do not stress. If you have trouble with it, go out for the day. Enjoy yourself. While out, look at the people around you. Listen to their conversations on the bus or in the shops. It is surprising, what that little snippet of conversation you hear may trigger, giving you an idea for an article or story. Everyone has trouble finding ideas to write a story at times.

Notebook or Journal

Writing: Keeping a Journal

Never go anywhere without your notebook. When you get an idea write it in your journal.  You never know when something will pop into your head. Never trust your memory, it will let you down when you least expect it.

Practice writing something every day. It does not matter what it is. Just let your imagination run wild. This writing keeps your brain active; use your brain while you have it, because no one knows how long it will last.

Persevere it is Important

Never let those rejection slips deter you from your goal of becoming a writer. No one is perfect. You need to persevere. Thousands of well-known authors have rejections at first, with books that have since sold millions of copies. Maybe, you will join that field of famous authors too. If you give up you will never find your true objective in life.

On the other hand, if an article is rejected, it may have a valid reason. Check the spelling; ask others to read it for you. Read it aloud. If you hesitate or stumble it has a problem with the way it was written.

Write it Your Way 

Write the way you want to write. Learn to find your own style or techniques. Never write, things you are not comfortable writing. Be yourself and never copy another writers work.

Develop Your Imagination

This is not as easy as it sounds. When writing an article, research every available aspect of it. Start with a different approach. What can it do for you? What adverse effect could this have on your well-being?

Creative writing can be anything from article writing to writing your own novel. If you choose to write a fictional story, you still have to look for a new angle or twist. To keep the reader's attention you have to create plots for them to follow. Then when they think they are safe to throw them another twist to cause havoc. Keep them in suspense. We all know the hero wins in the end; so make life hard for them to succeed. Then again, you could give the reader two different endings. Leaving the choice up to them.[1]


Whatever you write throughout your lifetime, make sure you enjoy the process. Sure, things do not always end as you would like. Write for pleasure first, money and profit will follow.

The Joy of Writing



Nov 19, 2015 12:25pm
Those are very good suggestions. I write for my own pleasure and do not worry about the money. You are right; it will follow.
Nov 21, 2015 12:02am
Thanks Kellapat, That's all I can do these days but have more fun that way.
Nov 20, 2015 4:07am
Enjoyed your article and you give great tips.

"When you get an idea write it in your journal. You never know when something will pop into your head. Never trust your memory, it will let you down when you least expect it."

So true! I can't count how many times I think I'll remember and don't. (Once I was out and had an idea I really didn't want to forget, so I called my husband to ask him to email the idea to me lol) I should start carrying a notebook with me again.
Nov 21, 2015 12:03am
Thanks LeighGoessl, Actually I wrote this about 5or six years ago on another site and deleted it. Because I have never mastered the art of creating correct sentence and grammar structure I just write how I feel. Thanks
Nov 20, 2015 5:18am
This is how I started my online career almost six years ago! You have to start somewhere...write what you know and love and it will always shine through.
Nov 21, 2015 12:05am
Thanks MMM. yes I have lots of ideas written here and there and also on old computers that have since been retired. I try to save most of it though and yes have nearly always draw on my experience to write articles.
Nov 30, 2015 5:42am
Dec 14, 2015 7:50pm
Jan 7, 2016 3:00pm
This is a good article for beginners and the idea to keep a journal is a great one.
Jan 15, 2016 4:39am
Thanks JPorcella, glad you found it helpful
Feb 5, 2016 6:12am
I will disagree with you on one minor point, a writer should always write for pleasure, if they make money out of their writing that simply adds to the pleasure. I do earn some money from my writing so I guess that classifies me as a professional, and even there I feel the same rule applies, I have turned down commissions because I don't like the topic or the direction it was heading.
Feb 6, 2016 1:26am
Pgiblett, thanks for taking the time to comment,but that is what I said " write for pleasure first".
Mar 16, 2016 8:56pm
As of this writing I have 39 books published on Amazon and not a single one of them has made me rich. Fortunately I didn't write them to make money. My goal was then as remains to this day to share with people different topics, points of view and helpful hints and tips on a variety of topics. I take great enjoyment in writing. If it makes a few dollars then that's okay but was not nor is it now my goal to make a living from it.
Thanks for sharing this well-written and thought out article.
Mar 18, 2016 4:26am
I thoroughly agree with you, it is more for the pleasre of writing and the enjoyment of meeting other similar minded people and sharing our knowledge. And of course hope that some of our articles help others along the way and of course if we earn a few $$ then it is a bonus.
Apr 25, 2016 1:15am
This comment has been deleted.
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