Welcome to Part 2

This is the second part of an answer to a forum question on How do you know where to write about what and when?  I'll apologize, as it is long with big block of text, but I hope you can extract some juicy nuggets.

Here's a bit about each site and their strength and how to use them,  after my first 200 articles.  There is a rough sequence that is really working for me, I've written about the sites in order not rank.  The strategy I have evolved is down at the bottom of the article.

So my choices are based on traffic too (Squidoo brings in more than infobarrel, which brings in more than Wizzley which brings more than Seekyt) but all bring in reasonable Adsense and Amazon earnings.

Part 1 - Write on Seekyt, Infobarrel, Squidoo, and Wizzley to Earn the Best Return - Why? is worth reading to give an idea how this plan fits overall into revenue sharing, online writing and earning money on the internet.

First Squidoo

Squidoo has commercially inclined modules with direct feeds to Amazon and Cafépress, Zazzle, and a number of other affiliate programs.  This makes setup relatively easy and quick.  The minimum requirements are five modules of unique content, and this is pretty easy to do, even if you are writing product reviews.   

I use Squidoo for Amazon reviews and longer Top 10 and gift lists that are impossible to do with link restrictions elsewhere.  These convert well too.  It is also an excellent platform for anything where you need  lots of outgoing links including resources and long factual articles that required links. 

I usually don't write under 500 words there, as I want room to set context and have LSI, but you could easily write less.  I have seen some articles with pretty well just an introduction, but I don’t think that can be sustainable for a site, so I make sure I do more. I figure the Amazon modules are probably feeds and won't carry much weight search-wise too.  The main disadvantage of Squidoo is that if you're writing about a topic that has multiple other pages and your topic is not unique, it can be frustrating to get to your page indexed with Google. This is the only downside that I have noticed.

This traffic is generally pretty high compared to other sites, but it is a large site.  Most of my articles get at least one view a day and some over 100.  If you are not able to have an AdSense account, Squidoo is also an excellent option as there is an advertising revenue share program.

Naysayers complain because they do not know exactly the formula for calculation, but if you have a number of decent quality articles, I think the adshare is comparable to what you earn on AdSense on other sites for the same amount of traffic, and on tier 2 articles ranked from 2500 to 8500 on Squidoo I think you earn quite a bit more per article.  Amazon sales are great so far on Squidoo and I seem to be averaging over $2 per article there even in Jan and my early articles are not sales targeted at all.  Always do these 10 Things to Write Successful Articles on Squidoo and you will find things easier.

Second Wizzley

Wizzley is set up similar to Squidoo with modules. It is a little quicker and easier to use than Squidoo and I’m inclined to write shorter articles there, as short as possible that they will publish with the product I want to showcase.  Bolding, italicizing, bullet points and lists is quicker and less clumsy than Squidoo. You have more style options as far as fonts, background wallpaper and you can also have two columns similar to Hubpages.

Income from Wizzley is via AdSense (you need your own account), Amazon modules, Zazzle and other affiliate links very similar to Squidoo.  They have their own ranking system that I am not bothered about right now, as it doesn't directly affect organic traffic  income as far as I can tell.  For one username I’m more interested in Google traffic and sales there, but mighthave a go at getting up there with the other username just for kicks, if I get the time.  More likely, those types of hobby, and informational comment-drawing articles will probably end up here or Seekyt.

Wizzly is ideal for Amazon too.  They are tougher on word count per Amazon product, so I use it for shorter comparisons only, but I have sold 2 Amazon products with 4 articles in 2 weeks, so good sales conversions so far.  I bet they’ll be close to Squidoo for earnings per article.  Traffic is higher than I was expecting.

Third Infobarrel

Infobarrel, I use for 500-1000 word articles that have lots of images, so you get the media pages too.   I do 500 minimum words here to get contest points and increase income.  Anything in the style I’d use here, under 500 words, goes elsewhere, usually Seekyt.  I don’t pad or stretch articles and find the last 100 words can take longer than the first 400. 

There is less of an Amazon emphasis here, but the articles can be product related as well as hobby or informational.  I wriet more “how to buy” type articles, what to look for, earlier in the buying process rather than actual reviews, though I have some from earlier. 

Articles do better directed for Adsense, I try to not pick specific models of things too much now, but when I have included those with a link or picture, I do get a few Amazon sales here.  Earnings are under $1 an article, on average. Probably depends on article type, subject and how commercial they are.  You are all here and know all IBs advtantages and limits.  IB is third in my sequence and all these sites have their place for my needs.

Fourth Seekyt

I use Seekyt for very short, under 400 words, 2000 characters is all you need.  It is quick and simple and I can end up with 800 words quite quickly, which I never seem to manage here.  I have no idea why.  Once the border goes green and you have enough content, I know I can stop but some contrary part of me just wants to finish what I was talking about!

They are more Adsense oriented too like IB and traffic is lower but ctr is higher than here and earnings about the same (I don't often get over the minimum 75% share here) between here and Seekyt (7o%).

On Seekyt, you can put images and link to Amazon in the body of the article, so I find myself doing that.  It can be a pain to get images and manually link everything to Amazon, though they convert OK, I think Seekyt is better for Amazon than Infobarrel as the links aren't as limited.  You can do a top 3 list if you want.

There is a simple easy Amazon module at the bottom but the images are tiny, I don’t think that converts the best, but you can specify actual items that you want in there. 

Writing a short but sweet related article to one on here or Squidoo, is what tends to happen on Seekyt.  I write short how to’s, shopping tips and  recipes there too, they are fast and easy.


I have some hobby (gardening chicken) articles on Hubpages that never do much Amazon or Adsense wise, but I get paid per view there, about $75 cents an article per month but they are more mature.  I haven't written anything there since last July as they are too erratic in their TOS and guidelines and four sites is enough for me. 

Overall strategy for Amazon

What works well for me (and should for you) is to  read and research products and reviews while writing on Squidoo/Wizzley first.  Once you know about the niche and are familiar with pros and cons of various products and using your own experience in that area, write more general overview articles.,  Write shopping guides on what to look out for when shopping online.  You'll see patterns and trends when you read one product listing after another.  I do those summaries on Infobarrel and Seekyt.

You are distilling the information and making slightly longer lasting and evergreen shopping topics and maybe Adsense-friendly to as people are still researching more than buying.

I realize I may be missing out on the “pull the trigger” later shopping stages of Adsense for IB and Seekyt, but am happy to grab my Amazon cash now for as long as it lasts.  I can think of only 2 articles out of 200, where I earn much more on adsense than I do with Amazon.  That may totally be due to topic choices too.

TravisAitch and JCMayer777 have the Adsense side of things down to an art on IB, so read their earnings reports and forum posts, old and new, if that is the direction you prefer.

I am still figuring out the long term plan, but for now I want cash that buys me the freedom to take my time choosing what I want to do for real income, with some hope of some residual income from this work as well. 

The internet will always be dynamic and I am not sure that one thing we do now will create income for ever, but I intend to enjoy it as long as it lasts and is relatively easy.  I think it is only going to get harder and more competitive as time goes on.

Thanks for reading!

If this has helped you, at all and you are still not signed up with some of these sites, I'd consider it a privilage if you considered signing up under my affiliate Wizzley and Seekyt referrals when you are ready.  If not, I understand and will probably never know, so enjoy the information anyway.  I truly hope these articles help with the big picture and getting the best return from the confusing opportunities out there.  

I have another article I wrote about Seekyt that I can’t link to the due to link limits here. 

There is a 30 day challenge starting on Seekyt 15th Feb, and I thought it was a great opportunity to share what I have experienced on Seekyt.  With its pluses and how it complements writing on Squidoo.  PM me and I can send you the link if interested.  

Also, ask questions about this article in the comments as I am happy to clarify if needed.  I sat down this morning and this wrote itself, so I imagine there is some nonsense and run on sentences despite proofing.