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Write on Seekyt, Infobarrel, Squidoo, and Wizzley to Earn the Best Return - Why?

By Edited Nov 13, 2013 9 19

Welcome to Part 1

Anyone who has spent any time writing online in the hopes of a passive internet income knows that both the market and source of readers can be variable and unreliable. The reasons for writing on multiple revenue sharing sites are not just diversification, there are other reasons too.

I wanted to write this article and share my experience to help those internet writers who are wondering what type of content does best on which sites on the Internet.  This was a forum question, and I think it is a great one to ask!  I am not writing about the advtantages of backlinking these though that is a given, more what can each page do to earn you money.

I have 220 articles now written mostly since September and I have a much better idea of which articles perform best where, but I am far from mastering any one site.  Your own websites in the form of blogs, and even POD companies like Zazzle, if you like design, help round things out further.

I am not an SEO or affiliate expert, but can see patterns emerging and have evolved a plan that might be interesting or useful to article writers.  In my last earnings report for Dec and Jan you'll see I have proof I have earned a bit and if you got back to Nov and Octobers, you'll see how recent it is and how quickly it has worked.

I feel like I just really figured out how this works and feel like I have some significant earnings, and that something is working.  After you read about my earnings, you can decide how much attention to pay.  I can tell you though, despite strange traffic patterns, February has been even better so far for Amazon, and I am not selling Valentines items!

I presently write for Seekyt, Infobarrel, Squidoo and recently started writing for Wizzley and have some alias accounts too.

Five main reasons I write on more than one site.

1)      I like to receive the maximum return for the minimum effort, I want to make every word I write, pay as well as it can (with as little backlinking as possible)

2)      I get bored easily and like and need a variety of formats and styles of articles to keep me interested and writing.  I totally go by what I feel like writing and where form one day to the next, with no definite plans ahead of time. I know I am in the minority but that works for me.

3)      I want a mix of incomes, location and types.  So if an Adsense account is shut down or Amazon decides not to pay Canadian associates anymore, I do not lose 100% of my income all at once.  Some income is more passive (Adsense) than others more active (Amazon) as links to products need to be updated unlike Adsense. 

4)      I want to fast track and earn more quicker to stop work sooner.  I don’t want all active income, but I enjoy what I am doing and do not mind tending my pages on the internet if it means I earn more with Amazon than Adsense and can quit work sooner.

5)      I can backlink, complement and write about a niche and related keywords while I am familiar with a set of products and LSI in multiple locations all in the same week.

Disadvantages of writing on more than one revenue sharing site

1)      Keeping up with TOS if you are not on them all regularly.

2)      There is more to learn initially as to how they work, and progress can seem slow.

3)      If you are a steady person that thrives on repetition, it may be distracting.

4)      If doing 4) above simultaneously, you do not have time to get sales and traffic feedback from your "scout" articles to see if the niche is worth investing in further

5)      Social interactions, commenting and forums with these excellent communities can eat into your time.

Now for the strategy to make the best use of your time!

In Part 2 How and When Strategies, I go into way more depth with the sequence, pros and cons and uses of each revenue sharing site and earning the most money for your time, this was just the introduction, but it got very long and this was the only logical break.

Also there are ways to get the most out of each site.  I am certain Doing these 10 Things to Write Successful Articles on Squidoo here are the key to my earnings jump there.



Feb 13, 2012 4:06pm
Great article, skeffling! Variety really a huge motivator for me, ranking behind only gamification achievements and Adsense. Sometimes I just don`t feel like writing on my niche site or on IB. Its like having different exercises at the gym for the same bodypart.
Feb 13, 2012 9:59pm
Excellent points! I love having a variety of sites to write for, especially my blog. It keeps the brain from frying when you have different platforms.
Feb 13, 2012 10:23pm
Thank you both. You guys are like me, I love the variety and love being able to go to a site depending on what mood I'm in! I just can't force myself to write if I don't feel like it, so instead maybe I'll look up a few products in the modules to review or whatever, then write the meat later. Or upload a bunch of images here til I can write it all out easily and painlessly.
Feb 15, 2012 12:28am
This is great information. I'm not quite ready to expand to too many other platforms, yet, so I pinned this article on Pinterest for future reference. Then, I can find it easily. Since it will show up on the InfoBarrel board on Pinterest, other InfoBarrel writers should be able to locate it, too. Oh ... I also pinned your related article on Pinterest, too!
Feb 15, 2012 10:54am
Thanks Deborah-Diane for pinning and posting! Much appreciated. At least the information is on paper now so people can pick and choose what they want to know about which site, when they are ready.
Feb 17, 2012 4:23pm
skeffling Thanks! This is great info... heading to W!
Feb 17, 2012 4:56pm
Excellent WORK..I love your tips and writing!!!!
Feb 23, 2012 10:23pm
Hi - I am new and reading to learn as much as I can!
Feb 23, 2012 10:45pm
Hi there, Welcome Success19. I need to edit my Seekyt entry as they no longer have adsense (as of last Friday), I need them to finalize the new arrangements then will update., they area great site and I plan to keep publishing there as it will even further diversify the incomes streams! I Hope this helped ask any questions if you need and the forum is awesome here.

Glad you like it CrazyGata and the WriteChick75. I hope it helps everyone and doesn't confuse!
Feb 23, 2012 11:16pm
While you posted I signed up for Seekyt. Now I need to learn about this Amazon associate thing and chitika! I really like your chicken photos skeffling. I should get a real photo up too! Why did Seekyt get rid of adsense? That is a content site I had never heard of it before.
Feb 24, 2012 6:29am
Good for you! It's a friendly, simple site to use. Do you have a chitika account yet? You'll need one and Amazon too. Adsense withdrrew. I am actually looking forward to having a bigger portion of my income on Chitika. They can only withdraw adsense once and now the site is safer IMO! Google can be unpredictable so you can depend on just them, hence the Amazon, Squidioo and Zazzle too!

Thanks on the chicken pictures, I even have some of my rare breeds on Zazzle products. I liked taking pictures even before I started writing so now I have so many of my own pics to use, it's great.
Apr 13, 2012 8:42am
Thanks for all the great info. I'm new to online writing, but have done well with Yahoo! Voices and will definitely be working on more sites.
Apr 13, 2012 9:15am
You are welcome! It is hard to know which are the better ones sometimes, reliable and worthy! It's a shame to send a lot of energy and time on a site that ultimately lets you down. I write on all of these weekly! The other part article to this tells you what type of things I write where for the best return! Welcome to IB!
Apr 13, 2012 9:15am
You are welcome! It is hard to know which are the better ones sometimes, reliable and worthy! It's a shame to send a lot of energy and time on a site that ultimately lets you down. I write on all of these weekly! The other part article to this tells you what type of things I write where for the best return! Welcome to IB!
Apr 23, 2012 10:13am
As expected, another very informative article. I want to expand to other writing sites so this is just the information I'm looking for.
Apr 23, 2012 10:38am
Hi Southerngirl, Thanks. I am glad you are finding it helpful. The other article has more meat and should help you decided what to write where, and when!!
Feb 2, 2013 9:05pm
hi skeffling,
What is that are you holding in your profile photo ?
Feb 2, 2013 9:14pm
Hi Petulia! It's a lavender D'Uccle hen called Violet with the wind blowing her feathers.
Here is another pic of her perching in this article
Feb 2, 2013 9:20pm
Thank you for the reply. I loved chickens when I was young, I had some as pets. I went as far as becoming a vegetarian after I grew up. Aren't they funny,loveable creatures ?
best wishes ,
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