I was looking for ways to improve my productivity and came across this little online application called "Write or Die". Now, the creator of this application actually allows you to use a free version that works really well and is a bit addictive if you are after creating content for whatever purpose.

I earn my living with affiliate marketing and writing content is a huge part of the work I am doing. As a kid I loved to write and have written several diaries full of all my stories and experiences. Of course nobody ever read that stuff and to be honest, that is a good thing. Later on in life, when I had already passed my teenage years, I picked up a new diary and started writing again, this time not to vent but to learn more about my thoughts and feelings. Of course again there was a lot of stuff that really did not need to ever see daylight, but one day my best friend picked up my diary, read a few pages and said, "you should publish this".

That has not happened, rest assured, because I am sure nobody is waiting for my teenage year stories, but somewhere in the back of my head, her advice kept lingering on. At that time I did not know anything about working online, affiliate marketing nor creating content for money so considering writing as a career was far off my line of thought.

However these past years a lot of things have changed in my life and caused me to look for a more mobile way of earning a living. A way that was not directly attached to the place where I was living, nor attached to a single business or boss. Internet business came in and I started learning how to create websites, set them up and make a few bucks left and right.

First time I actually received a check in the mail made me realise that in fact it is possible to make money online and I´d better learn all there is to know about it.

To make a long story short, here I am, working online and earning money by creating content. And to be frank, I don´t love writing the same way I used to when I was a kid. I think that is mainly because of the topics I tend to write about and the way I should write my articles, thinking of keywords and optimizing them for the search engines so that many people will find my content and from there click on ads or go to a product page that eventually gives me a commission.

You can say the fun was driven out of my writing and I started writing less and less, finding all sorts of excuses not to write. And in turn my online money making attempts started drifting as well.

In comes the "Write or Die" productivity tool.

I had been looking for a suitable tool for a while, something that would help me focus and create more content, without it being too difficult to use or time consuming. After all, my goal was to up my content creation efforts so it had to be something that would inspire me to keep writing.

This tool is super easy to use. First day I found it I started using it and in a matter of time I had managed to churn out a few articles, without it costing me too much. I was still using the free online version but seeing that it felt like a tool that I would use, I decided to check out the paid for version as well.

It does not cost a lot, around $10 or something, which I feel is a really good investment.

So how does Write or Die work?

After installing the application on your desktop, it can open in a complete screen, meaning that you won´t get sidetracked at all by anything you have on your desktop or any open web browser window. So no internet distractions, just a white page you have in front of you, which you need to fill with words.

Simple enough! But it does not end there, because so far this could also be done through Word, by maximizing the Word screen and just typing away.

The cool thing about Write or Die is the ability to challenge yourself. Before reaching the white screen, you can set a certain amount of words you want to reach, or a specific time you want to keep typing. The in-built timer runs at the bottom of your screen so that you can see how much time you still have left to write and there is also a word count, showing you exactly the amount of words.

Apart from that there are more settings, like for example you can opt for "punishment". If you stop writing for too long a time, the white screen start changing color, turning into a bright red (danger!) and then a warning screen will pop up, encouraging to keep writing.

This might sound silly but it was actually a little push to keep on writing, every time the screen started changing color. For the real dare devils under us there is even another option, but make sure you are willing to lose content if you choose this option. You can actually choose to loose words if you stop typing for too long. This means that as soon as you have stopped typing for a while the application will start eating your already written words, encouraging to start typing again and keep typing.

When I first saw that option I actually laughed out loud, thinking I would never use it, but I have used it on occasions when I really had to break bad habits and I can tell, if you start seeing the word vanish in front of your eyes and the only thing you can do to stop it, is to start typing again, you will!

There are quite a few more options with this productivity tool application and if you want to increase your number of written words in order to reach your daily writing goals I would highly recommend you check it out! I am sure it will help you, plus you really don´t have anything to loose!