When I first heard about Writedge, I didn't really see the point of having a new revenue sharing website. Writers are already busy with their articles at InfoBarrel, HubPages, Squidoo, Seekyt, etc... How could they find the time to write at Writedge too? And more importantly, even if they had the time for it, what would they gain from it?

Well, I am now convinced that Writedge is offering quite a lot to their writers and thought I would bring it to your attention.

First Things First

Before I jump into the main discussion, let's start with a quick overall presentation.

Writedge was fonded and is managed by Danielle McGaw that many of you know I am sure and Michelle Harlow who you may not know but who is also a writer. I believe she has several pen names (or usernames) among which Raradra (the username she uses at Bubblews, for example). I believe that the site started around May this year and I joined in September. The site has now a few hundreds articles and a few active writers.

About the rules: you get 50% of the ads impressions (you need your own Adsense or Chitika account) but you keep 100% of the revenue coming from affiliates sales (Amazon, etc...). Articles need to be 500 words long (300 for recipes) and the number of affiliates links or self-serving you can use is quite limited (but you can discuss with the admins if you want to write a top10 -type article). 

Logo of the site, Fair use (used in low quality for review purposes)

So, Why Should I Write There?

OK, so far, nothing so particular to Writedge but here comes the advantages of this site.

First, the admins are very present on Facebook, announcing challenges, winners, giving some tricks, motivating us, etc... It does give a feel of a community rather than just a website you write at.

Second, maybe the most important point for you, Writedge is so serious about getting more content (new writers or more articles from existing ones) that they give away a lot of bonuses. And I am not speaking about points or levels. I am speaking about money!

For example, until last month, every time you wrote an article in an empty category you were getting a $2 bonus. When you think this is what some freelance sites pay you at the beginning.... (don't forget that the article remains yours in this case and that you keep making money from it). They also organized some challenges with $10 reward here, $20 there, ... It just so incredible.

Another thing (quite new) is their referral program, probably one of the most generous one out there. You make $5 every time you refer someone who writes at least 3 articles. I mean, really? I don't think I have made that much money from all my referrals, all writing platforms combined (except from great sales by a referral at Zujava once).

Finally, if this is not enough to convince you, please be aware that the admins make a list of keywords available to you, with the search volume and the competition. No more need to spend time there, just find some keywords you like and write for them. I am not too much into keywords myself, so I haven't tested it but I think this adds a great value to the site.

Convinced, Not Convinced?

Well, I know you are all very busy and I know it isn't easy to add yet one site to work on in your ever bigger todo and towrite list, but I think that this site is worth a try, would it be just because the admins are very passionate about it and give it all.

Why not give it a try right now, and see if you appreciate it as much as I do?