Here is my suggested writer's block cure: it's called free writing. Free writing is something I learned a long time ago but I can't remember where I learned it from. It works like this: Without editing anything that comes out of your mind and onto paper, write whatever you are thinking about. Let your thoughts flow freely and just don't stop writing.

Here's a little trick I like to use: set yourself a goal for how many words you would like to write and then just start writing whatever comes to mind. This works in many ways and helps for many different reasons. One of the reasons this always works like a charm is because for one we are always thinking about something so there is never a shortage of thoughts to write about. Second, you'll quickly realize that as you write about whatever comes to mind, you may get additional ideas for new articles you could write. For instance, in my own example, I'm free writing right now about free writing and writer's block... well you never know what kind of other article ideas will come out onto paper as a result of me just sitting down and writing freely whatever comes to mind.

Let me give you a concrete example: I'm watching a movie right now and if I were to pay attention to it, I may get additional ideas for articles I could write. Or, I could just start writing an article about movies. Or an article about movie making or movie watching. Or the best movies of 2011. Or the all-time best comedy movies. You see, the possibilities are really endless and the whole point of free writing is that it's a great way to release your creativity and just write a lot of great content really fast. I could go on and on free writing for 16 hours straight and imagine how many articles I'd create that way. Heck, if I were to just sit here and continue writing all night long instead of sleeping I could even win the monthly contest for most points earned through writing articles.

Here's another example of how I could come up with other great articles ideas. I was watching Cops before this movie that I am now watching and I remembered how as a youth in my early teens I used to always get in trouble with the cops. That would make a really interesting article and I think readers would be interested in learning more about my own personal experiences and encounters with the police and the reasons behind my delinquency in the first place.

I just had an interesting thought through free writing and its the fact that we can learn a lot about ourselves and about others through just writing freely and reading other peoples' work freely too. We all have a lot to learn and maybe that's just another perfect way to get article ideas. If you're ever stuck when it comes to figuring out what to write about, just read plenty of other peoples' ideas. That will surely inspire you and help you get some good ideas for yourself about how you could add to their own ideas. I'm not telling you to copy their articles, I'm only suggesting that you figure out a different angle(s) you could approach the topic they're writing about. Find your own writing voice, use your own opinions and you could create a whole lot of great content that way.

In summary, I believe that the absolute best writer's block cure is free writing. The process where you just type and type and type whatever comes to mind freely without editing yourself. You can always go back and edit your work once you're done writing.

There are of course other writer's block cures and jcmayer777 wrote a great ebook about that in his Infobarrel Success course which I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more about how to be successful writing on Infobarrel. He shares a lot of really awesome ideas on how to beat writer's block in that ebook and a lot of his methods have really helped me when I felt stuck in finding article ideas.

Looking back on the article I just wrote(the one you're reading now), I got several ideas of new articles I could write as a result of my free writing. For instance, I mentioned jcmayer777's Infobarrel Success course. Well, I bought myself a copy many months ago and I could surely write a review of those ebooks since I've had a lot of time to use them now. That would make for a great article. Also, what other ideas have I gotten from writing this article? Well, the movie I'm watching on TV right now features a friendly horse... and that reminded me of when I worked on a farm that had horses and I could write about my experiences working with horses. They are strange creatures - horses. That's definitely something that might interest many people because people just love horses.

So, you see, the whole idea of free writing is just to free your creativity and it helps you use your imagination to dream up all kinds of great article ideas. The whole point when you're writing for a revenue sharing website is that you need to keep creating great content day after day consistently. And the only way you can do that is if you continue to get great ideas. That's why free writing is so important. It allows you to come up with dozens of great ideas really fast and basically it helps you create an endless supply of writing ideas. The rest is easy. Once you know what you're going to write about, which is often the hardest part for most writers, the rest is super easy... just do your research and write!

Well, that's it for this article. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it has helped you in your own writing efforts. Remember that free writing is not only good for creating articles but it useful for any creative endeavor actually. In reality, free writing is just plain therapeutic so even if you don't want to write an article or a book or create something, I believe that free writing is a useful exercise for anyone whether you're looking for writer's block cures or not. It's good for all.

Signing off.