When asked “How do you feel as a writer?” he replied “Writing gives me bliss. It is a euphoria that cannot be depicted in words. I know you can read my words but I wish you could ever hear my conversation with the pages”.

Writing is like magic. Writers experience the same sense of accomplishment, a magician does, every time on showing his art. It is like talking to pages, medium being letters and words. Absolutely driven by emotions, a well written recto can sheathe grief, pride, inspiration or excitement in itself. A consummate writer acquires the power to amalgamate all his emotions on a piece of paper. He cannot be limited to a single thought. He transcends the reality and rises up to a state where his thoughts, emotions and feelings flow tranquilly out of his mind and rests peacefully on the paper in form of words. A writer takes his chimerical imagination to an echelon where there is togetherness even in solitude.

A writer actualizes his characters, lives them in his own dream world and then brings them to a state of never-ending abeyance. Between the creation and inactiveness, lies a world, readers call it poetry, prose or novel. Writers become friends with their characters and it seems as if the characters are helping them write the incident, flawlessly. Their relationship is everlasting and eternal. A good writer does not only live his life but also the lives of several others characters. A character certainly dies on that paper but it remains immortal in the heart of the readers.

 A writer’s work sometimes comes from the state of oblivion. Sometimes it is just an imagination. When this imagination reaches a devoted and a sensible reader in form of words, the reader feels as if things are actually taking place somewhere in reality and it’s not just an imagination. The success of a writer lies in that realization from the reader’s end. While writing, a writer doesn’t know anything about the readers who will read his work. Therefore, a writer doesn’t write what the booklovers want him to write. He just writes what he wants to say. The success of the writer also lies in this fact that the readers are fond of reading what he wants to say.

The beauty of being a writer lies in the originality of experiences, imaginations and emotions that the writer cherishes and inscribes, to think what people can’t and to explain what is unusually bizarre. This is the disposition of a writer.