Amazon has books in electronic, hardback and paperback versions


Writing is not an easy way to make a living. In fact, it is one of the most unpredictable careers because of the nature of trying to create a consistent income. Clients and customers that buy your work along with how many people read it all effect how much money you make. You have to do everything possible to make certain these are at their peak performance to make sure money comes in. This means having an annual publication like Writers Market to help increase the these numbers is wonderful. It helps to improve the chances of finding and keeping an income flowing into your pocket. There are more than a few ways Writers Market assists with making this happen.

The book is more than a thousand pages on a several categories dedicated to the industry. In its 92nd annual publication, it lists assortments of different content which includes; general news, info along with tons of knowledge any writer will find relevant and extremely useful. Articles also contribute to the cause.

What is included?

There are articles for freelancers in the industry on several interesting subjects.  A lot of what you find here is chocked full of details and focused on improving your business. This is wonderful and the info is rarely found elsewhere.

Professional authors in the biz share opinions and viewpoints around the profession. There is a list of organizations you can join and even a glossary outlining lots of terms for newbies in the field. Professionals also share other material useful for getting more out of this profession.

Along with various things surrounding the art of business, it  has directories of publishers, consumer magazines, screenwriting tips, instructions on creating greeting cards and so much more. If you like something off the beaten path and you havent found a lot of online resources about, you will find it here.

The Cost

It does come in several different editions and price ranges. The Deluxe Edition, 13th Annual, is the most costly at $49.99 for the hardback. Though, several websites like Amazon are marketing it at half the price or less. Sites like Amazon have them in paperback, hardback and even electronic or digital versions.

Shop around to find the best bargain. Generally, buying the books online is cheaper than shopping in a brick and mortar store. The Deluxe Edition is a particular one that includes all the others joined together, plus some extras.

If you happen to have a professional focus in the novel or short story field, the publishers have separated these resources out in their own versions as well as one for a guide of literary agents and children books and illustrations. The smaller ones are more focused editions and just as terrific as the Deluxe, but are running around $30 each. These are also available at online book markets at a reduced price.

Why Writers Market?

Although this is not the single most authority on this subject in the field, it is a wonderful potluck of info which is certainly helpful. It will not promise a guarantee of the success of your professional aspirations or lots of money writing, but it does give you another tool to help make your career easier and more prosperous. When you have things like this in hand the chances of succeeding do increase.

Imagine all the questions and info any freelancer has about starting this type of business and more than likely this is the place to find answers. Many of the general articles are extremely enlightening and discuss issues such as how much to charge for your work, negotiating contracts with clients, finding online work, protecting your material, self-publishing and the list goes on and on.

In conclusion

You could probably find all of this material somewhere around the web if you searched long and hard enough. Having it all in one place to research at a glance is comforting and reduces some of the stress of writing for a living. Therefore, Writers Market is a sound investment for any freelance writer climbing the hurdle of succeeding at this livelihood.