We love to hear success stories.

We love to hear stories that inspire us to do better.

While you are new to article writing, you will find that getting the first 1000 page views is a struggle. You wonder how other writers can get a few thousand page views per month.

You wonder if you should continue article writing.

As your knowledge of seo techniques for writing increases, the page views increase. As you write more and more articles, you will find that getting 10,000 page views per month is not so hard.

Even then, you get discouraged when you look at the earnings. At the rate of 20 cents per clicks, and 2% click through rate, you earn only $40 from Google Adsense from 10,000 page views. You wonder how long you need to write in order to make enough money from article writing.

You need some encouragement. Let us take a look at some writers with 10 million page views.

1. Lance Winslow

You can find the articles of Lance Winslow in Ezinearticles, one of the most popular article directories.

Lance has more than 21,000 articles as of September 2010. He never asks a ghostwriter to write the articles. He writes all the 21,000 articles himself.

He joins Ezinearticles in 2005, and writes continuously for 6 years. He has more than 10 million page views.

You may wonder why anyone wants to write so many articles and submit it to an article directory. I do not know the answer. You have to ask him. I guess he loves airing his opinion.

Since he retires young, and have too much time on hand, he does not need the money from article writing.

2. Saul Relative

Saul Relative joined Associated Content in November 2007.

As of September 2010,. He has more than 15 million page views from 3,480 articles.

Do you envy his achievement? I certainly do.

Have you started to compute his earnings? As a US resident, he earns both upfront payment for submission of exclusive and non-exclusive articles, plus page views bonus.

Since he is a Clout 10 writer in Associated Content, he earns $2 per 1,000 page views. If his page views increases at the rate of half a million page views per month, he would have $1,000 from page views alone.

It is likely that his monthly page views is nearer to a million page views.

3. Robert Dougherty

Robert Dougherty joined Associated Content in January 2008. He wrote more than 4,000 articles in less than 3 years.

His total page views as of September 2010 is more than 12 million.

When I checked his statistics in July 2010, he had slightly less than 10 million page views. That means his monthly page views for the months of August and September is a million page views.

Do you envy that? He is another Clout 10 writer in Associated Content. His income from page views alone is $2,000 per month.

Since page views payment is a form of passive income, that means he can earn $2,000 per month without writing a single word.

4. Pam Gaulin

Pam Gaulin joined Associated Content in 2006.

Even though she has only 2,470 articles as of September 2010, her page views exceed 11 million.

Pam Gaulin does not write exclusively for Associated Content. She writes and submit articles to Demand Studio, Examiner, Brighthub and other websites as well.

How much does she earn from writing articles? I do not know.

If she puts in equal effort into all the writing sites, her monthly income from article writing would be impressive.

You will notice that the 4 writers come mainly from Associated Content. That does not mean 10 million page views writers in other websites do not exist.

The problem is in getting the data. Helium, Triond, Hubpages, Ehow and other writing sites do not display the total page views of the writers.

The writers know how many page views they have accumulated over the years. However, the data is not available to us.

It is likely that some writers have more than 20 million page views.

If the writers write for different websites, the combined page views may even exceed 100 millions.

How do you feel about article writing after reviewing the success stories of writers with 10 million page views?

Are you eager to reach the goal of 10 million page views? You can if you want to.

You can see that writing consistently is the key for getting 10 million page views. It is impossible to write just 10 articles and expect 10 million page views in a year.

Those writers have written persistently over a period of 3 to 5 years.

If you have the same mindset and diligence, you can succeed as well. You can reach the goal of getting 10 million page views.