Writing A Blog To Bookmark Your Own Articles

You're here to produce an income from your efforts writing on line. The world is your oyster and all you have to do is crack it open.

How we accomplish this part can be the difference between a fantastic success story or a virtual waste of your hard work. Making sure the world gets to taste your product is crucial to any success you will enjoy writing for a living on line.

Writing articles for income, using AdSense and various other advertisements placed within your content, can make a recurring monthly income that will grow with time naturally. You can however coax the results with a little nurturing.

After your great article is written and you're sure it's the best thing since white bread, it's time for the real work to begin. Advertising your work to the proper demographic is a necessity to making any money. If you're writing about automobiles, showing ads for cake mix will never prompt one user to click on an ad.

Making sure we decide on keywords prior to writing the piece should always be job one. You know what you were thinking when the idea was born, that's what search terms you should be after when you write the article. Use these keywords whenever possible, in your tags and title, as well as any picture captions within the page.

Keyword density is an opinionated point, as some will say 1.50 is a good number and others will say more or less. I have found that 1.5 percent keyword density turns out to get me the best rank I can get.

Where to put your keywords is also a relevant variable to the bots that be. Use your main keyword in the first sentence, the last sentence and the title. For a 600 word article, this will put it right about where you want it.

Once you have the content and it's properly optimized for keywords, keyword density and title, the next thing we must do is bookmark this article. Getting links back to your work is the second most crucial part of creating this passive income.

Many on line writers will spend hours upon hours bookmarking their content on every site the web has to offer. While this used to be a great idea to get some quality back links to your articles, it will take a long time and most people get bored or run out of time well before the job is complete, even without Google's recent changes regarding this, which makes using nofollow links a good idea.

Having a website of your own can make linking back to your work a lot easier, when allowed. The first links back can all be placed in an hour or so and you're not limited to what you can write or how much you have to write. All of your content can be individually bookmarked from one page. You can call it your link page or relevant links, or whatever you fancy. The fact is the links are out there and they will be as long as you maintain the site.

Blogs can be a great way to gain links for your content and most writers will use these to get at least a couple of bookmarks for the articles they write. This gives us an opportunity to post content, that's relevant to our work. Then when our back links are posted to the blog, Google already knows the site and each post adds to the image the big G has of our work.

The basic fact that the more work, or instances of your work that appear to the search engines, the more important you will seem to them.

This is where the blog must be loaded with all of your content, as well as any relevant content you can obtain to add to the volume of the pages within the blog. One little page floating around the vast universe that is the WWW has little chance of being found by potential customers. A multi page site will do much better in rankings.

Once all of our published content is bookmarked within the blog, it's time to take the next step. Bookmark the blog to the high heavens. Get that thing out to every social bookmarking site you can find. Post it on every blog you visit and run classified ads, (available free all over the net) until your keyboard wears out. Each time you get a back link to your blog, you'll be getting one to each and every piece of content you have on line.

This is what we call, leveraging the bookmark and it works. Slowly, but sure as the pope is catholic, your traffic will increase. The indexing search engines, will start to recognize your work is showing up everywhere it looks and they will be forced to put your content high in their results, where it surely belongs.

Your advertisements will match your content, this will make the right demographic receive your advertising. The people that are looking for what you're selling will find it. This will also cause an upswing in clicks on your ads, as they will be much more relevant due to the fact that we researched the keywords so well.

Recommended bookmarks for any on line content is simply as many as you can get. The more the better. Writing a blog to bookmark your own articles just makes sense. It gets them all out and gives you one URL that will bookmark every piece of on line content you have to share with the world.

Social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest should also not be neglected.

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