Figure Out Exactly What You Want

Actually deciding what you want to accomplish or change in your life is the most difficult step. There are lots of areas of self that need to improve always.

Consider writing goals from one of these categories: physical/exercise goal, mental health, community service, musical, or spiritual. There are thousands of other categories but those are good places to start if you are not sure the best way to start your self-development plan.

Decide How You Will Get There

Break your goal down into different tasks that you need to completed. Then break those tasks into small, actionable steps that you could actively complete with one days work.

The key to achieving big goals are small steps. Even if you are not seeing progress, you know you are working hard towards it everyday.

Craft Out A Timeline

This is the next step now that you have a long list of actions you have to take. Set a realistic deadline for completion of the goal to motivate yourself. Don't set a goal without a deadline!

Depending on how long the goal will last, you may want to break it down into small checkpoints. If your goal is to run a 7:00 mile next year, set 4 checkpoints every 3 months at slightly faster times to make sure you are on track.

Don't Stop Until You Get Results

Be relentless when it comes to accomplishing this goal, almost as if you're life depends on it (sometimes it does). Think of how many people stop trying to achieve this goal and use that to fuel your drive and be one of the few that will conquer the goal.

Remember that brick walls are there not to keep you out, but to prove how much you want something. Now stop complaining and start scaling brick walls!

Doing It All Over Again

It feels good to accomplish a goal. Celebrate it because you deserve it.

Soon, however, you will want to begin another goal. Use this exact formula, hard work, and determination to accomplish the next goal, and the one after that, and so forth.


Remember that progress and results are earned, not given. You have the power and drive to accomplish your wildest dreams if you set out on a planned path. Here is the distilled guide to self-development planning:

Figure out your goal, break it down into specific actions, set a deadline and create an outline, don't stop until you get results, and then start all over again.