Girl Writing
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Have you ever felt the joy and exhilaration that can come from writing? Writing is one way to stimulate your brain while it also relaxes and heals the soul. It is the only way to let your thoughts flow from your noggin to the paper, computer screen, or whatever you may be using to write with. Writing can take all your worries away and give you hope. When there is nobody to listen to you or when nobody wants to listen to you, you can always count on your elementary classroom friends: the pencil and paper.

Writing is a form of expressing yourself just like visual art. You may choose to express yourself privately or publicly, because you have to or because you want to. That is the beauty of writing; it gives you the option of doing it whenever and however you want. Writing will always be your friend and it will never turn its back on you.

Writing can also be seen as a gift from God. Have you ever considered how many people there are in the world that can’t spell or even write a single word? If you know how to write, consider yourself a blessed person. Take advantage of the ability you have to write. Here are some ideas on forms of writing that you could enjoy:

 1. Jot down notes – Carry a small notepad with you during the day or take notes on your phone of the ideas, thoughts, and feelings you have throughout the day. This will do miracles for you and you will become a much more productive person. 

 2. Journal – This is a private form of writing that is connected with your daily note taking. Taking notes will help you remember stuff to write in your journal later on. Remember, a journal may be very helpful for your great-great-great-grandkids so they know who you were before you died. This form of writing will impact your life greatly. It is one way of leaving a legacy behind that can effect the future generations.

3. A Blog – This is also one way to write about anything you want to. It can even be in the form of a journal if you would like it to be. Blogging also reaches a large number of people if it's public or just a small number if it's private. It is like having your own website in a way.

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4. Articles –  This is a very stimulating form of writing to be able to research a topic and then explain it again. Infobarrel is awesome for this form. This website lets anybody write and publish their articles online for free. You can even get paid for it if you write enough of them.

5. Books – Writing a book and getting it published can be one way to have your voice heard. This way you have a possibility of effecting more readers on a larger scale. If anybody is a new article writer on Infobarrel like me or wants to write books, watch this inspirational video about entrepreneurial ideas and just taking action towards your goals.

6. A Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is the most simple and common form of writing now a days and perhaps the most enjoyable.

7. A Song or Poem - These are great ways to be creative and think outside the box. Writing songs and poems is fun to do. 


Now that you have some ideas about forms of writing, I hope you can satisfy your soul and write away. Best of luck.

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