When you have taken up writing articles it does not take too long to discover that, though there are millions of potential subjects for articles, writing ideas can become elusive. It seems that at these times as a writer you have to really keep your eyes open and focus on looking for new writing ideas. Here are a few ideas to help you find inspiration and help you to get back to writing those articles.

Looking Inside for Ideas and Inspiration:

When you get stuck and writing ideas are few and far between take a minute and look inside. Yeah, that sounds a bit strange but it is where some of the best and most interesting articles waiting to be written are hiding out.

So, grab a pen and a piece of paper and answer some questions. Here are some potential questions but create some of your own too. What activities do you find entertaining? What unique or interesting things do you know how to do or make? What are your favorite vacation spots? Your favorite food? What advice are you prone to sharing with friends and loved ones?

When you are done look at your answers and see how many ideas you have right there in front of you that you could be writing articles about. Life is a collaboration of ideas and experiences that can be extensive and endless. So, take advantage of your knowledge and experiences.

A World Full of Writing Ideas:

On your next trip to the grocery store or the coffee shop don't be in such a hurry to get inside. Sit back take stock of what is going on around you. People watching can be more than entertaining and amusing it can be down right inspirational sometimes. Now, by people watching I don't mean peeping in their windows or following them home. Simply watch how they act and interact while they are out in public.

You can often run across acts of kindness or just the opposite that may inspire you with ideas for future articles. Perhaps you may overhear something just interesting enough to be turned into content. You just never know when something will inspire you enough to get you writing.

Articles the Hottest thing Right now:

Do you ever find yourself caught up in a news broadcast or in news articles that you ran across online? I imagine like many others that you have. Something was interesting enough to catch your attention and get you to redirect your focus. This is exactly the type of things that can be turned into ideas for writing articles.

You don't have to follow the eye catching tidbit specifically but find the main point that originally caught your attention and also what held your attention thereafter and create an article with your own spin on it using your own point of view.

News may not always be a great source of ideas for you but the potential for inspiration can be hidden inside of any newsworthy storyline. You just have to find the topics that get your creative juices flowing and run with them.

Writing Articles of a different style:

Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to the articles that you write and be open to just writing articles on topics and ideas that you enjoy simply because you enjoy them, regardless of their subjects popularity. These fun articles can show you a whole other side to writing but also open up writing ideas for articles and subjects that you may have once feared trying to take on.

When you are willing to take on a new challenge and try out other styles you help yourself to grow as a writer but you also give yourself more options on how and what you could write about. As a writer this also helps you to weed out styles that are not cohesive to your style and personality. Most importantly this willingness to step outside the box can create an abundance of fresh new writing ideas to feed the writer in you.

This world is filled with potential articles and overrun with inspirational ideas, you just have to see them. Around every new corner there is someone or something going on that is important or interesting to someone.