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True story from an ordinary average person.

Thousands of people everyday browse and search the Internet to find ways to earn income online. Starting out can be tough. Many people fall for the scams that offer quick money for doing nothing. Many business opportunities claim they will do the work for you and all you have to do is pay a monthly fee. I can tell you from experience there is no quick rich fix because I have joined and tried many of them. After joining I was told to promote the heck out of Affiliate Links and Splash Pages which promise fame and fortune. I ended up working my tail off and wasted so much time promoting a business opportunity with no results.

Throughout my experience wasting my precious time I came across a website called Hubpages. Hubpages claimed I could earn Adsense and Kontera revenue for writing articles at their website. Of course my first thought was another gimmick and tall tail to financial freedom. OK, because I was still looking for a way to earn some kind of money online I read the Frequently Asked Questions and after reading them I joined for free. I was impressed by the fact that Hubpages never asked me for a dime. No money needed. Anyway, I took the time to read many Hubs written by Hubpage members claiming they write articles about topics they knowledgeable about and they earn Adsense and Kontera revenue. Then I noticed many of the Hubs I was reading the members who were claiming to earn good steady monthly income were the members who had written hundreds of Hubs and had hundreds of followers. I then continued to read more Hubs about earning income online. I spent hours browsing and reading peoples Hubs/articles. I couldn't get enough. The very next day I wrote my first Hub and it was the best move I ever made online. I understood I had a long way to go before I would reach my goal but after reading so many success stories and not one member of Hubpages asking me for money, I knew I found a new home.

As time went on and I continued to write articles online I occasionally come across a Hub introducing me to another free to join website like InfoBarrel. Because of their success I thought to myself why not join and follow their lead. So here I am writing another article to share my experiences online. Here I am taking another step closer to reach my goal.

I've been writing online for a little over a year now and I can not believe how far I have come. Every week I would make the time to join revenue sharing websites like InfoBarrel to write articles and I build free websites. I create free websites about topics/subjects I enjoy and embed Pay Per Click Publisher Ads all over my work. Because I joined revenue sharing websites like Hubpages and InfoBarrel I learned how to reach the next level. I now earn Adsense and Kontera revenue from free websites I build/create in addition to joining free revenue sharing websites. I connect my free websites to my Hubs and articles I write because I feel any exposure I can generate from all of the work I create helps me earn Adsense revenue faster.

The point of this story is to let you know that you can earn money online. You have to take that first step and follow people who are doing what you want to do without paying any additional money. For years I have read ad after ad telling me I needed to pay in order to earn residual income. If your willing to stick it out, write continuously about topics you enjoy at many different revenue sharing websites you will eventually reach your goal. You can learn how to supplement your income using the Internet. You can change your financial situation for the better.

I hope my brief story lights a fire under you know what. Earning residual income is possible. People do it everyday.

Many of the free to join revenue websites let you earn extra revenue for recruiting new members using a personal Affiliate link. Over time you'll see that you do earn from your referrals too.

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