Picture this, you have signed up for Info Barrel, You have put in your Adsense account information, you want to start making money online. You love to write, and you write a handful of great articles. Now what? What else do you write about?

You have been reading articles, that say, "write 5 articles a day or more" to make great money online. This sounded great last night when you read it, but how does one do that?

Here is a good way to get started:

1. Start by writing about things you know about, such as hobbies, your job, taking care of kids, parents.. anything you feel passionate about, or know you could write about and be able to share quality information with other readers on Info Barrel.

2. If you have already done that, and feel you are "all tapped out". Take a break. First of all, it sounds great to be able to churn out 5 or more articles a day, but in reality, we have jobs, families and other chores that pull us away. But this is where the good news is. Your busy day, could actually be a great source for your articles.

3. Get used to carrying around a small notepad. How many times have you been out somewhere, or someone brings up a subject at work, or you are talking to other parents, or whatever your day entails, and you suddenly come up with a great idea to write about? Then when you get home, get dinner, walk the dog, get the kids ready for bed, you sit down at the computer for an hour or so, and you stare at the blank screen and just blink as millions of thoughts are going through your head. You can't remember the great idea you had earlier in the day.

you can write great articles

I found the notebook idea, to be priceless. It is amazing how many thoughts pass through our heads, and sudden bright ideas, can be gone and quickly replaced with what you are doing at the moment.

I personally found this a great way to come up with subjects, that I know about and thought other readers might be interested in. The idea here, is to write articles on Info Barrel, that are your best, and are quality articles. There is no sense in churning out article after article of just words, just to get the number of articles up... or you are going to have people hitting the back button.

You don't have to be a professional writer by any means, I certainly am not, but you need to write an article that has "stick ability" if you can. Your headline needs to portray the subject. If you have someone click on your article, then they were obviously interested in the subject you are writing about.

Make sure your article does match your headline or title. Use your main keyword in your title, and then write a good solid article about your subject.

If you have lots of subjects that you know about, but are stuck on how to start an article. Then take a notepad and write 5 questions about this subject. Simple questions like "What is it? or How does it work? Who would use this? Something that would relate to your chosen subject. You could write these questions on your little notepad you are now going to carry around with you, as soon as you come up with an idea to write about.

By answering these questions, your fingers will start flowing on that keyboard, and you can put the questions and answers together to form an article. If it is a good subject that you are really informed about, you could come up with dozens of questions that you could answer and form more articles.

I have always found the question idea a great way to decide if a subject is good one. If I can't come up with any questions about it or comments, then maybe it is not that interesting. But the notepad is a great way to jot down ideas for articles, that come to you during your busy day. Or maybe you even wake up with an idea.. write it down for later.

Then try and schedule time at your computer to come up with these articles in your word program. You could write and save lots of articles and ideas, and then put the articles on Info Barrel. Somewhere out there, there will be someone who is interested in your chosen topic and they will click on your article. So, don't rule out any subject ideas! If you think it will be a helpful article, then write it.

This way, you will start to accumulate more and more quality articles, you will not run out of ideas, and your income will climb on Info Barrel!