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Working for another person can suck badly, and often it does. Now working for yourself you will get a whole new host of problems to deal with, but at least a terrible boss is not one of them. There are many ways to make a living off of the Internet working for yourself. One of the most popular ways is by writing articles and blog posts for money. This is what I do for a living.

In order to write for a living you must actually enjoy writing. The problem is many people find that they love to write as a hobby, but when they are forced to write in order to pay their bills they begin to hate writing. I am lucky as a full time article writer, because I have InfoBarrel.

InfoBarrel is only a portion of my monthly income, but it is a very welcome addition each month when I receive my Google Adsense check in the mail. As with many other web content writers, I earn my money by writing articles for other people where I get paid upfront for the article. I write the article. I sell the article. I no longer own the article or have any credit for writing the article. I do however get paid for the article.

The problem with writing for upfront pay is that you do not develop a source of passive income. With InfoBarrel I am able to publish an article I write and earn money off it for life. I do not get an initial payment for any article I publish on InfoBarrel, but I do get to earn a few cents off of each article each and every month for the rest of my life. (And in The afterlife, but that’s another article).

I like to vary my work and write for InfoBarrel as well as for my article buying customers. Writing for my clients makes it so I can pay my bills. Writing for InfoBarrel allows me to receive money into the future even when I do not write and publish any new articles for them.

Let’s say that I have set my daily earnings goal for today at $40.00. Most of the articles I sell for 1 cent per word. In order to reach my daily income goal I have to write and sell around 4,000 words. Fortunately I have a lot of articles published on InfoBarrel.

I earn money each day with InfoBarrel, whether I do any work or not. My earnings vary a lot, but let’s say I have a $10.00 day in earnings on InfoBarrel. I now only have to write and sell 3,000 words a day. The more I earn with InfoBarrel the less I have to write for clients.

BY slowly adding to the number of articles I have published on InfoBarrel, my income will continue to increase. Eventually I will hit the point where I am earning $40.00 a day on InfoBarrel and not have to write any articles for my clients. I will however continue writing articles for other people.
I enjoy writing articles for other people. I like it when they are happy with my work and it earns them money. I also learn a lot by writing articles for other people. Not only do I have to research and learn about unfamiliar topics, but I sometimes have to deal with specific directions.

I have one person I write for occasionally who gave me a brief outline of how he wanted the article to be written. I initially thought that his understanding of SEO was not fully accurate because his directions were actually pretty simple, even though they were specific. I then thought that the directions were maybe kind of stupid, however that is what he wanted so that is what I did.

The more I wrote using his instructions the more the method became etched into my brain. I will never ever forget his basic instructions. His instructions are like riding a bicycle, once you learn how you will never forget them.

As I continue to write using his simple method I began to utilize his strategies in some of my own articles that I wrote for InfoBarrel. As my blood brother Tommy Boy would say “Holy Schnikes!” Although I am not getting rich with this method (yet!), I am seeing an improvement in earnings per article where I used the method.

It’s because of things I learn like this that I will continue to wrote for other people. I will however continue writing for InfoBarrel, and hopefully be able to add a whole bunch of articles using the simple method of my clients.

“Wait”, you may be saying “WTF is this secret method you keep talking about?” Well if you order today you can get it for only $29.95 in my new EBook.

Just kidding! I emailed this person and asked if I could share this method on InfoBarrel. He told me yes and then explained to me that it is very common and not really a secret or anything that he came up with. Here is what he wants in his articles, and it seems to work for me too.

  • Take the Keyword you are targeting such as Vegetarian Elephant Food.
  • Insert the keyword 10 times in the article
  • Write 1,000 Words or More
  • Use the exact Keyword phrase in the first sentence
  • Use the exact keyword phrase in the last sentence.
  • Spread the rest of the keywords throughout the article.
  • Use Paragraph headers and ensure you use paragraphs. Make it easy for the reader to skim the article quickly and quickly identify which parts they want to read.

That’s it folks. The super secret method. As with all SEO ideology some people will say the keyword density is too high or too low. You should never place the long tail keyword in the first sentence. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Search Engine Optimization is like religion. I have mine and you have yours. I won’t be going door to door proselytizing about this method, however it seems to work for me and I feel comfortable using it, even on Sundays.

By using this method I am able to take almost any random long-tail keyword and begin writing an article with no writers block. It seems o work well for me. If you are doing something SEO wise that is working for you, then stick with your only methods. I am not earning near as much per article as other writers on here, however my overall monthly income seems to be growing a little bit each month.

Writing articles for a living is often fun, but can be very stressful at times with deadlines looming and new orders coming in (or no new orders which is also stressful). InfoBarrel helps me to relive some of my stress by decreasing the workload I have to do each day. I am not earning as much as I want to yet with InfoBarrel, but I am continually working towards a goal of earning $5,000 per month with InfoBarrel.