I have been writing articles online for two and a half years. You would think that I would be rolling in the dough, and be an expert on the mysterious craft of Making Money Online Writing Articles. You would, however, be sadly mistaken.

You might even be shocked to learn I make hardly any money at all!

It's true. I make just enough to keep me fully equipped in cheap Columbian coffee, for those nights when I stay up to write ten articles in one shot, but that's about it.

You see, my problem is I'm extremely lazy. I don't like writing the types of articles I know will bring in more income. Researching that stuff is boring. Keyword research is boring. I'm not into self-torture. If I was, I'd buy French Roast and force myself to drink that, and there are some things I just won't do.

So what, pray tell, can you learn from a veteran, disgruntled online article writer? Perhaps not much. But I can entertain you with my wit and charm, and that must count for something! Ok. I see that's not going to happen. At least I can tell you my own personal experiences with a few article writing sites I've dealt with.

Ehow sucks. Truly, I really hate Ehow. I make the most money there out of all the article sites I've written for, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. They like to randomly delete perfectly good articles for no apparent reason. I mean, some of my writing is pure crap. But some is not. If they would simply put in a review system before an article is published, they would save a lot of frustration and irritated writers leaving for not necessarily greener, but at least better-smelling, pastures.

Associated Content is a different story. AC is my baby. He's not very pretty, he doesn't pay too well, but he's NICE to me. And I can depend on Associated Content to pay out in a consistent manner. I'd rather make less money and be treated better. Plus, I like the people in the forums better. For some reason I never clicked with the forumites in Ehow.

Bukisa is a slow and painful experience. I only have 13 articles up, but they've been up for almost a year, and I have yet to reach the $10 payout. I have hope for Bukisa though. I prefer payment based on page views. I get less money overall, but you need to remember I'm lazy. It's just simply easier to get page views than ad clicks. If I were a normal person who planned things, I would plan to write more for Bukisa, and hope I eventually get more views simply from having more articles out there. For me, it seems like 100 articles on a site is just about the magic number, when the money starts to roll in.

Then there are the Google Adsense revenue-sharing sites, like Xomba and Hubpages. Once again, my laziness rears it's ugly head. I don't like tracking all my articles to see which ones are making money. So I tend to just thow up some articles, and then proceed to ignore them. Occasionally, I check my Adsense account. The amount goes up. But with having several blogs, and articles on several revenue-sharing sites, I have no way of telling what's making money, and what isn't. Well actually I do. I just don't.

Which brings me, finally, to the JOY of writing articles online, as I suggested in the title of this article. Ok, I admit, there IS some joy. Yes. I like money, of course. But I also like writing. But only in certain ways, and only when I want to. Like this article in particular. I'm enjoying writing this right now, this very minute. I didn't do any research on keywords. I didn't have a plan. I didn't write an outline. In fact, it's falling out of my head, right through my fingers, and onto the screen, right this second...