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Writing for a website such as InfoBarrel gives you many advantages to being able to quickly write numerous articles each day. When writing for a client or a niche blog you are forced to work within certain boundaries of the niche or theme of the blog or if the article is for a client then very specific about what to write for. As a full time writer I often hate it when I have to write articles for a client about topics that I don’t really care to write about.

When I write for InfoBarrel I have the ability to write about anything I want as long as it is family friendly and adheres to the Google Adsense TOS. This aspect combined with a few tips can allow you to rapidly write articles. It is a nice feeling when you have written 10 or more articles in a single day for InfoBarrel or similar article website. Here are a few thoughts on how to rapidly build up the number of articles you have published with InfoBarrel.

Dedicated Time

Dedicate yourself to writing content for a set amount of time each day. If you have a spare day and can write for 3-5 hours without being disturbed or distracted then you can begin the transition to rapidly writing articles. You need to focus on generating articles during this period and not be distracted with FaceBook, Email, or any other website. If you need to look up a fact or do brief research then keep on track by getting the information you need and then immediately heading back to your article to finish it.


Keep Notepad open to jot down any thoughts on new articles you have. If you are looking up information to cite in an article you may stumble across something that interests you and you may want to write an article about it. Simply type into Notepad a few quick notes or potential article title and then move back to your article you are currently working on and finish it up.

Write and Do Not Publish Right Away

If you have a desire to write a lot of articles in a single day for InfoBarrel then it is sometimes better to write all of your articles before publishing them. You want to immediately move from one article to the next without the distraction of publishing them onto InfoBarrel. You can either publish all of your articles at the end of the day, the following day, or spread them out over time. In general you want to publish articles as soon as you can so they can begin to earn money sooner, however you can often create more content by simply writing all the articles in one session and then in another writing session you can publish them all to InfoBarrel.

With all that being said I often break this advice myself. I often find myself writing an article, Cropping an image, and the publishing the article. I like to get into a groove of writing an article, immediately publishing the article and then repeating.

I use both methods, and I suggest you experiment around and see which method works better for you. The ultimate goal is to simply eliminate distractions so you can keep writing new articles. You may also prefer to spell-check after each article is written. I hate spell checking when I have to do it to 20 or more articles so I usually spell-check after each article is written.

Move on to Next Article

As soon as you are done with an article immediately move onto the next article. You may have a list of potential articles to write about. I have a list that is around 150 articles write now. When I am writing for speed I will either grab one of those article titles, refer to my notepad to see what ideas I have came up with or I will use another method. The method I use when I have no particular article in mind is to simply begin writing about one of the first few thoughts in my head. It may be Coca Cola, sleeping bags for tall people, or How to Make $5,000 Dollars per Month with InfoBarrel, but I always simply begin typing on my keyboard. You goal is to simply write an article quickly, and then move on. Don’t worry about your spelling as that can be corrected with Spell-check after your article is completed.

Write Groups of Articles in Same Niche

If you are writing about a particular topic you can often write numerous variations using the same research. Research one and then write 3-5 unique articles all revolving round the similar topics.

Write about Stuff You Know Well

InfoBarrel allows you the flexibility of writing about practically anything. When you are writing a lot of articles for InfoBarrel in one day it helps to write about topics you are familiar with so you will have to perform little to no research. The less research you have to do then the more articles you will be able to write. Another benefit of having to perform less research is you have far less chances to get distracted on the Internet. Reading Wikipedia for 4 hours is truly a lot of fun, but it will not help your InfoBarrel Earnings unless you actually write articles.

Get in the Zone

Some days I struggle to write a single article and on other days I go into a sub-conscious state of mind where I am writing as fast as I can while my fingers struggle to stay going at the speed my mind is going. When the “perfect storm” ensues I hit a state if mind where I can knock out one article write after another. I can easily write 10-20 articles when I get into this state of mind. I often do not remember exactly what I typed in until I go to spell check it and publish it later. When I am “In the Zone” I do not spell check until another day. In this state of mind I am able to write with little to no research and later when I read it I am often amazed at what U came up with. When you get to this mind state then ride it for all its' worth. Don’t quit after so many articles to go eat or any other activity unless it is necessary like picking up the kids from school. If you get in the zone then utilize it fully by not stopping until your hands get cramped, your eyes get foggy, or you fill up your hard-drive with new articles.

I can’t explain how to get into the zone when writing articles. It is different for everybody. The more you write the more it avails itself upon you; however I still only get into the zone 1-3 times a month. I may write a lot of articles without being in the zone, but when I am in the zone nothing can stop me. If I could be in the zone for 8 hours each and every day I would literally make myself rich writing articles for InfoBarrel over the next couple of years.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

When I am in the Zone I will type my articles out, but I when I am not in the zone I will often use Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a Voice to Text Software that transcribes your verbal words into text on your computer. Some people love Dragon Speaking and others despise it. I can say the more you use Dragon the more it learns your voice and language inflections, thus making it more accurate. I definitely have to spell-check and do a lot more editing then when I simply type an article, but I can seriously crank out articles with my Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is definitely not a must have item to write articles quickly, but it is nice to have in your arsenal. When I am brain dead and cannot think of a new article I want to write I can simply put on my headset microphone and start talking to myself and with 20 seconds I will have began to develop an article concept and then run with it.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is great, but if you are short of money you can always try the free voice to text software that is probably already on your computer. It may not work quite as well as Dragon, but is pretty darn good considering it is free software.

Don’t Force Words

When you are writing articles you will find that some articles are only 400-500 words while others may go on for 1,000 words or more. If you are writing about a topic that can easily demand more words then keep typing. If you are struggling to write more information without repeating too much or sounding monotonous and dull then end the article. It is better to have 400 words of interesting prose as opposed to 1200 words of mindless drivel.

When writing a lot of articles quickly you do not want to cut off an article early simply to add to your overall article count. Some articles will naturally be short and others may be extremely long. Simply type it up and keep going until you’re done. If the article is to long you can always split it up and publish them separately when you do go to put your articles live onto InfoBarrel.

Practice Practice Practice

New writers often struggle to get 1-2 articles a week written for InfoBarrel. The more you write the quicker you will become. If you can spend at least 1-2 days a month focusing on writing a lot of new articles then will begin to get better at rapidly writing content. You can write 10, 20, or even more articles per day if you have the time, dedication, no distractions, and the desire to get ahead in life by writing for InfoBarrel.

If you spent marathon sessions everyday writing for InfoBarrel you would definitely be one of the highest earning writers on here after a year. Imagine if you were able to add 15-20 new articles everyday to InfoBarrel. After a year you would have between 5,475 to 7,300 new articles on InfoBarrel. You earnings would be amazing. The problem with this is burnout.

If you were to wrote 8-10 straight hours every day for InfoBarrel you would quickly get burned out. I have seen many new writers come to InfoBarrel and crank out a lot of new articles and then suddenly quit writing.

I highly recommend writing at least once a month in a marathon session where you focus on writing quickly and getting a lot of new articles written for InfoBarrel. The days after your marathon writing session should be used to continue writing new articles, albeit at a slower pace. If you write 20 article sin a day then force yourself to write 2-3 articles the following day. It is easy to take a day off for all your hard work the prior day; however it is also very easy to write 3 articles when you compare it to the very high number you wrote the day before.

Article Quality

Article Quality can suffer when attempting to write a high number of articles in a single day, but it doesn’t have to be. You are looking for good articles, not perfection. Perfection will not earn you much money in the Adsense game but Good articles in high enough quantity will earn you money with Adsense.

Your Schedule

You do not have to write for 10 hours a day to write a lot of articles. You can dedicate a single hour each day to writing for InfoBarrel. Ensure that you concentrate on writing quickly and not thinking to hard about it, and you may be able to get 4 articles written in a day. After a year you would have well over a thousand articles here in InfoBarrel.

Final Thoughts

A single day attempt to write a lot of articles and to write each individual article quickly can be a great motivator for a lot of writers, especially when they begin to see these articles eventually earn some money. Writing articles quickly can become second nature to you with enough practice.