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Write articles for long term income

Writing for Income on the Internet
Credit: Larry Angell

Writing articles for money is nothing new in the world of newspapers, magazines, and different
media outlets. Writing articles for paying article sites on the Internet however; is something quite new and exciting. The trick to making a good, long lasting income is to submit many articles and have those articles pay you a residual income.
Let me be clear about making a good income writing articles on the Internet. There are basically two types of paying article sites. They are “short term benefit” article sites and “long term benefit” article sites.

Short term benefit article sites

Short term benefit article sites are those sites that pay you a one-time fee for your article. This is the old way of writing for income as we’ve seen for years in the TV, newspaper, and magazine industry. The Internet also has many sites like this. This is
not the best way to write for money because you only get paid once for your articles. Here are a few sites that pay a one-time fee for your articles:


Writing for money
Credit: Larry Angell

Long term benefit sites

Long term benefit article sites are very new and this is where the greatest opportunity lies. These are sites that list your articles and put ads on them. Whenever someone is reading your article and clicks on an ad that the article site puts in, you earn money. You keep full rights to your article and can even submit the article to other sites.
Here are some of the best article sites that help you create long term residual income:



Credit: Infobarrel.com

My new favorite article site is naturally Infobarrel.com. It's my favorite because it reminds me of the way Ehow used to be. I've earned thousands of dollars from Ehow, but unfortunately, they stopped accepting articles. Infobarrel is actually a better alternative than Ehow.

The opportunity to earn thousands of dollars a month from article sites is so new that most people don’t even know about it yet. That gives us the advantage to get our articles listed and established before the crowds come in. It usually takes a few weeks for an article to get listed with the search engines. This is where a lot of your article readers will come from. You will still get readers before your article is listed though.

 I’ve been writing articles for many years to help build traffic to my web sites. Articles are the
best way to get valuable links to your web site.  I see people catching the vision of earning money through articles that are submitting several articles a day. They know that this is an amazing opportunity.
Most people that have discovered this opportunity own web sites just like me. We all kind of
stumbled onto this phenomenon because of writing articles to gain traffic to our sites. I started to notice growing deposits in my Paypal account from sites like Ehow.com. I only wanted the backlink, but got something extra that I didn’t expect. It was then that I realized that this was a valuable opportunity.
My time was limited because I was still adding content to my web sites, but I made it a priority
to write at least two articles a week and it rewards me really well every month.
I made a lot of mistakes along the way that prevented many of my articles from getting the full traffic and views they could have received. There are several tips and tricks to writing articles that make good money.

I know how to write for the search engines so my web sites gain favor
over other web sites, but I didn’t put the same theory into my article writing practices.
Many people think the Internet is like the movie “Field
of dreams”, with Kevin Costner. “If you
build it, they will come”. That’s where 99% of
webmasters and article writers fail.

Use Google Keyword tool

Google Keyword tool
Credit: www.google.com

It's important to find the keywords people are searching for and put them into the title and body copy of your article. Google Keyword tool is helpful in finding good keywords that people are constantly searching for.

Try to use valuable keywords in the title of your article. The article title will be the phrase of words that gets sent to the search engines. Try to give your article a title that someone will enter into a search box. Let’s suppose your article is about decorating a wedding cake. You don’t want to put something like, “Sharon’s best wedding cake decoration ideas”. Many of my friends continue to create titles like this and they wonder why their articles don’t get traffic. This is fine for magazines, but it doesn’t work for the Internet. A better title would be something like, “Decorating your own wedding cake”. This is a title that people will enter
into a search box.

Alt tags on images

Be sure to put tags on all images using good keywords. Use photos in your article when you can. Photos in an article will always give it a huge advantage over articles without. A picture is worth a thousand words and web site visitors prefer articles with photos. This is true for every type of article. If your article is a how-to project, then a step-by-step guide with text and pics is
extremely valuable. The more visitors that read your article, the better the search engines will
rank it bringing in even more traffic. You will also get a lot of traffic from image searches that show people images. When they click on your image it takes them to your article.


I see a lot of articles out there that only have to do with holidays or certain seasons. This is just
fine, but they won’t reward you all throughout the year. There are a lot of articles like, “How to
make Thanksgiving dinner on a budget.” Articles like this make money 2 or 3 weeks out of the
year and then go flat. A better article would be something like, “How to cut your husbands hair at home.” This is something that occurs constantly and people are always looking for info about it. Remember, the idea here is to create articles that will reward you every month for years to come.

Article sites are new and really just getting started. I still see a lot of articles that are poorly written and pointless. It’s obvious that writers are submitting articles in bulk so they can generate income by volume. There are several problems with this. First, if the readers don’t like the article, eventually the search engines will put it on the bottom. Second, as more articles are submitted, only the well-written and useful ones will remain over the years. Third, people will often flag a useless article and have it removed as spam or will just steer away from that particular author’s articles. The search engines eventually figure out which articles are valuable by the response of the readers. This is true in all aspects of the Internet.

Have fun and write about the things you enjoy. Just because some topics pay better than others doesn't mean you should write about them. Some of the high-paying topics are Business, Legal, Travel, Construction and Health to name a few. If you can write interesting and useful articles in these niches, go ahead. If you're more comfortable writing about Gardening and Crafting, you'll probably do better with that.

Good luck and happy writing.