Writer's Block And Google Instant Search

When writing articles for money an author will almost always find that one of the best places to start searching for ideas, reference material or keywords is the Google search page. Many of those authors have formed an opinion of the relatively new Google Instant Search feature.

Google instant is one of those tools that much like politicians is either loved or hated. There does not seem to much opinion in between. However the tool is like so many others. Use it in the wrong way or when it is not needed and it indeed can be a nuisance.

If a carpenter leaves his workbench covered with tools he does need at the moment they will certainly get in his way and may even end up on the floor after he moves them away from his current project for the umpteenth time. So it is with Google Instant. When doing certain searches it may be a distraction or a nuisance.

How To Get Google Instant And Cure Writers Block

Many times as I am doing various searches and I have not turned off the instant feature I might at first become disturbed with all those distracting keywords that keep popping up below my search term. But upon reflection I am reminded of a line in a movie about Chicago crime and crooked cops where Sean Connery says, “If you don't want a rotten apple don't go to the barrel go to the tree”.

For an author writing articles for money and struggling with “writer's block” I might suggest if you want some ideas for your articles don't go to the barrel, meaning the standard keyword tools, but go to the tree. The tree is the instant search function that Google provides at no extra charge.
Credit Score(67519)Credit: OneClickLearning.net
Those 10 words that magically appear as you type in a keyword are Google's way of letting you know what some of the most relevant keywords are that searchers use to find information or products. In many cases you may not find these keywords or recognize them when searching with a standard keyword tool.

In many cases these are the treasured “longtail” keyword phrases that are so loved by authors seeking to find good ranking positions. Because they are thrown in our faces we sometimes completely ignore them or even mumble a curse or two under our breath.

Let's consider a situation where these “nuisance” keywords can can very quickly solve writers block. Assume you need to write a unique article around the keyword phrase, “credit score”.[811] Your first thought might be that everything possible has been written about the subject and there is no way you could possibly write a new article without copying some other authors work.

When writing articles for money you should remember that unique does not mean you can not write about a subject that has already been written about extensively. Unique means that you take that subject and write about it in a different or unique manner. This means that you will filter the information through your unique experiences or you will write an article including information in a manner that has not yet been done.

“How would I do that” you might wonder? Easy. Go to the keyword tree.  Open a Google search page and began to type in your keyword. As you type in credit score pay attention to those 10 words that magically appear below the search box as you type. You might find these keyword phrases for instance.

credit score range
credit score scale
credit score free
credit score estimator
credit score chart
credit score calculator
credit score report
credit score complete

Wow there are 10 ideas you might include in your article about credit score that no one else has done yet. But you have just gotten  started picking from this keyword tree. Leave credGoogle Instant Search(67520)Credit: OneClickLearning.netit score in the search box. Leave a single space and type in the letter a. Magically 10 more keyword phrases are visible.

credit score after bankruptcy
credit score average
credit score analysis
credit score above 800
credit score and report
crdidrt score agencies
credit score auto loan
credit score and mortgage
credit score american express
credit score after short sale

Now type in the letter b.

credit score breakdown
credit score brackets
credit score bank of america
credit score band
credit score bell curve
credit score bureaus
credit score bankruptcy
credit score basics
credit score by age
credit score boost

You are on a roll now. Type in the letter c.

credit score chart
credit score calculator
credit score complete
credit score check
credit score companies
credit score categories
credit score check free
credit score car loan
credit score credit card
credit score comparison

Do you realize what is happening here? For each letter you put after the main keyword Google is telling you which relevant keywords most people are searching for. Continue on as far as you like. You can go through the entire alphabet if you want to build a super keyword list. Or just gather the results of three of four letter searches.

Now if you really want to search for some hidden gems when you are finished with the alphabet try typing a number after the keyword. Credit score 1. While you will not get as many usable keyword phrases you might just stumble upon subjects that other authors have neglected.

credit score 1200
credit score 101
credit score 1 time fee
credit score 1 dollar
credit score 123
credit score 12.95
credit score 1000
credit score 18
credit score 1
credit score 18 year old

If you do a search for each of these keywords you may find some very interesting material that you can use for reference. What for example could be written about the credit score for an 18 year old?

Now take all these keyword phrases and put them in a Notepad file with one per line. Then paste them  into the Google keyword tool to find which of these are the most valuable. You will be checking for total monthly searches, CPC and competition.

I like to use the Google keyword tool in a free Adwords account because it brings back up to 800 words rather than the 100 the tool outside of the Adwords account provides. Also the tool outside of the Adwords account does not seem to list CPC value any longer. This is a very critical number to have if you are writing articles for money with the hopes of earning Adsense income.

When the keyword finishes it's work simply choose 10 or 15 of the best keyword phrases. Paste these in a Notepad or Wordpad or any word processor and leave 10 blank spaces between each keyword phrase.

Next do a Google search for each keyword and see what information you can find that you can use for your article. You can also check some of the more popular article directories to find out what has been written. Certainly you would never copy any of this information word for word. Why would you want to? You don't want to be remembered as the author that just reproduces the same old stuff.

With your list of 10 to 15 keyword phrases listed on your work sheet you only need to write a single paragraph about each keyword and before you realize it you have a thousand word article. In many cases you might find you need to edit out some information because you find you are on the way to writing a novel rather than an article.

Break that information up into a number of articles. Find an image or two. Locate a good bio link such as Wikipedia to add some authority to your articles and now you are a published author with something you would be proud to show to anyone. Writing articles for money will once again be a pleasure and not a curse.


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