If you’re looking to write for Interact Media there’s a few things you need to know. First of all this site is content site that pays you upfront payments so you’ll make money with whatever you write. There’s absolutely no passive income on your site so once your article is finished that’s it, you’ll never see it again and it will belong to someone else to sue on their website, blog or do whatever else they want with it. Is this site right for you as a writer? Let’s take a look at this writing site and find out if it’s a place you’ll want to write at.


The signup process is painless. All you’ll need to do is complete one sample of your writing which will receive a grade up to five stars. This is the same grade type scale found on writing site such as Text Broker. If you reach the highest scale of five with your sample you’ll get the top paying assignments. Most writers will fall into the three or four range. My sample hit the four range after I submitted it.

Job Board

Interact Media features a job board. Here you’ll find all the current assignments in the system. Base pay starts at 0.7 per word and goes up to 0.16 per word. Before you get too excited here you need to realize that most assignments will be on the low side. You have five minutes after clicking a job to decide if you want it. Other people will be clicking too so if you miss the assignment the other person will get it. Clicking an assignment before anyone else does will be like winning the lottery. You can currently only pick one assignment at a time in the system.  After three days of having the job board open on my computer all day I have managed to get one assignment for 0.7. Assignments come and so fast that there’s not enough of them currently for the amount of writers.

Finishing an Assignment

The writing process on the site is actually quite painless and there’s even a built-in word processor feature. You’ll need to follow the directions of the client and most assignments will require keywords and keyword density. There’s handy text at the bottom of the window that will glow green when you’re in the range of the assignment word count and the keyword density. Once you have completed the work simply submit it and wait for the client to review it to receive payment.  If you write enough content you can receive regular work without using the job board and you can negotiate pay with clients. These assignments are called direct assignments where the client likes your previous work and offers you more without going through the job board. The problem is finding enough assignments to reach this level in the system.

My Impressions on Interact Media

Interact Media has a great job board that is easy to use. You can select any assignment within the categories with ease. The problem isn’t with the system or the payments which are excellent; it’s with the amount of work offered. There simply isn’t enough work for new users of the site to do. The forums are well done and the site has huge potential for upfront payments in the future but as it stands right now it’s not worth the time. The pay is good and worth doing but without work you can’t get paid, such as it is on Interact Media. This site is however worth keeping an eye on due to the high payments offered, when and if you can find them.