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The Internet has provided the world with many things. It has made information easier to access than ever before, it has given us created a global market place providing us with endless savings and it has created an online economy where regular people from around the world are capable of making money online. was created to give writers the ability to do what they love; Write, writing for money. While some sites may pay you a small up front fee, you do not get the added benefit of building a long-term passive income stream. With you earn 75% of the revenue generated by Google Adsense off your articles, month after month. This means, the more you write, the larger your monthly income stream will be.

The potential to earn money writing is endless. Whether your goal is to generate some extra money to help pay down your debts, or to earn a full-time income online, Infobarrel is the platform where you can and will earn money writing.
How Much Can I Make?
How much money can I make writing for money on Infobarrel is a common question. There really is no limit and there is no set number you can use to calculate as every topic pays differently.

If we are conservative and estimate $2 per article per month, if you were to write two articles a day for a year, after a year you could potentially be making an additional $1460 a month. Some topics will earn less than $2 per month and others can earn much more.
What do I have to do?
All you have to do is sign-up, and begin writing. Your first 10 or so articles will be moderated to keep the quality of the site extremely high. After being approved by an administrator your aticles will automatically be published and you can publish content at whatever speed you want.
Am I limited to writing for money?
Nope, if you want to publish instructional videos that you've created we are more than happy to accept them. We also have templates where you can review products and write how to articles for money.
Is this legit?
100%, there are many people who are making great money writing for Infobarrel. Infobarrel has also been featured on numerous large authority sites such as
What are Bloggers saying?
There are a quite a few people who are writing for money on Infobarrel. Two of my favorite blogs are Norm's and Dusty's. Both Infobarrel users give monthly updates on their Infobarrel achievements and have amazing advice to help out new Infobarrel users.
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