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Writing For Online IncomeWriting For Residual Online Income, is an endeavor that has become quite popular in recent years. Globally the writer numbers have expanded increasing the competition for web space.

Search engines have redesigned their software to sift through this vast sea of information in milliseconds and decide for themselves who gets put up top. Your position on these result pages within their listings, will make a difference in any online content you submit to the Internet.

You want to make sure that your writing is high quality and gets found if you wish to make money. This article will help you understand some of the different aspects of writing for an income.

Collaborative sites

We're all looking for one thing. Traffic to our work. Getting traffic is going to be easier if the articles are published on a highly rated site. This is a gimme for new writers. Even when you know absolutely nothing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles, your content will be indexed because of the notoriety of the hosting website.

Making sure your writing for the highest ranked article sites you can get approved for is the best way to prioritize your time. You can find a site's ranking by checking with or other ranking index sites that will give you a page rank across the Internet. Compare all the sites you are writing for and start spending more time at the highest ranked sites and less time on the obscure low ranking ones.

Personal Site

If you are writing on your own blog it is possible to be indexed by Google automatically however it is not guaranteed. You can enter into Google's Webmaster Tools and register your personal site and request to have it indexed yourself. This will ensure that you control how you show up in the search engine. After having your site indexed, which takes time, you can log back in to the Webmaster tools and learn about how your site stacks up in the search engine.

Search engine optimization is a very important method of increasing your traffic from natural results within the engine index's. There are different variables that go into this procedure or type of writing.

It is a liberating feeling to be able to just write, to get out what your trying to say without outside influence on how you write it. Although the reality is that nothing is free from outside influence if you wish to make money. To make money you must write with the reader in mind. Continued thought must also be given to how the piece is written and how it will be seen by the bots and crawlers that continuously monitor content online.

What Search Engines Want - Things to Keep in Mind While Writing

All search engines are interested in keywords and keyword density. They use these variables to guess at how relevant your content is to the search term. Having the right amount of keyword instances for each word or phrase, is crucial to you getting a good score on this variable.

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Keywords should be used sparingly throughout the article and title, tags and description.It's a good thing to use the main keyword phrase in the first sentence. then again in the last paragraph. Refrain from using it again within the body of the article. Counting the title and maybe an image caption, this should give you three to four instances of your main keyword. That is assuming we're writing a 500 to 600 word piece. If you have a 1000 word article, then another instance can be thrown into the mix somewhere. Images should also be captioned with relevant keywords pertaining to the title. This will help to get another instance without the piece sounding jammed with repetitive type.

Google is leading a shift in recent years attempting to make their ranking systems to understand websites and their content in a more human way. So focusing on the reader is important. Before you consider an article done, be sure to have at least one other person read through it to ensure that it is coherent. Search Engines want to find content that people are looking for. 

Got an Article Written?

After writing the best article you can, optimizing it and making sure our title and description tags are all in place. it's time to get it out to the public. This can be accomplished by submitting to search engines. This however can be expensive and if you worked the keywords and tags write, then it should also be unnecessary. Natural indexing will pick up your content and place you in line wherever your variables put you.

If you end up number one, when a search is done for your keyword or keyword phrase, then your done. Sit back and reap the rewards the Internet can offer. However, if your anything other then number one, your job continues. You should continuously be optimizing and back linking your work from anywhere you can.

Remember that writing for an income you should spend 20% of the time writing and 80% of your time marketing your writing.[1]

Bookmarks are counted by top search engines. They know exactly;y how many incoming links there are to any site. This is another variable used to rank our work. This variable is within our control either by link exchanges or bookmarking sites that are scattered throughout the internet.[2] is one website people use to bookmark their work, however[3] and[4] are more social bookmarking sites, all are worthy of spending a few minutes to link your work. (there is a share button for at the bottom of this article)

Everything you write should immediately be sent out to all of your social networks. Let your friends know what your writing and they'll share with their friends. Advertise on classified sites and put your links out there wherever possible.

Create an Email List of people who like to read what you write then email those people regularly and ask them forward to their friends. This is called networking and can lead to leveraged visits from places you've never even visited.


Writing For Residual Online Income , is a good way to earn some passive money online. Once your work is published and all the marketing is done, you can sit and enjoy a monthly income for as long as your content stays relevant.

Trying some of these things just might help you make some cash. I wish you the best, let me know where you write and if I can help you in anyway. I recommend writing for Here is an example of how the numbers worked for me on InfoBarrel within my first month of writing.

If none of these things are working to increase your traffic follow these steps immediately:

  1. Get up from your computer
  2. Get out of your house
  3. Find People
  4. Do something interesting
  5. Do something else interesting
  6. Go Eat with some people
  7. Listen to them
  8. Do something else interesting
  9. Go Home
  10. Write something interesting

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