Writing enough articles to earn $30.00 per day is generally pretty easy, even as a level 3 writer. If you can average $30.00 per day with TextBroker then you can make around $900.00 each month. The problem with TextBroker is you are writing for upfront pay and you relinquish all rights to the articles you writer.

Writing for InfoBarrel the earnings will be much less initially but over time you will earn much more. A good strategy if you are looking to write a lot to earn fast money is to use TextBroker and write until you earn $30,00 for the day, or whatever your daily goal amount is. After you write enough to earn $30.00 with TextBroker you then need to move onto writing some unique articles for InfoBarrel. This is the 30/10 strategy.

If you can dedicate yourself to writing $30.00 for TextBroker each day and then 10 articles for InfoBarrel you will rapidly build up your InfoBarrel income as well as earning a nice amount of money for upfront pay. This will allow you to earn some money each month for upfront pay as well as allowing you to also build up your residual income using InfoBarrel.

Advanced 30/10

If you are able to write $30.00 per day for TextBroker and do not need the money then you can re-invest that money by out-sourcing articles to Filipino writers. You can use Odesk to find writers. You can get a quality writer for cheap rates if you are willing to do some research. You can easily find FILIPINO article writers that CAN write semi-quality content for around $3.00 per article.

If you are earning $900 per month from TextBroker and then reinvest that to outsourcing articles you can buy around 300 unique articles per month. In addition to the 300 articles you can also write 10 articles per day for another 300 articles. You can add 600 unique articles to your InfoBarrel account each month.

This method is not possible for many people as they are limited by time or need a lot of the money they earn to help pay bills. This strategy though should give you some food for thought in brainstorming your long term strategy with InfoBarrel.

TextBroker and InfoBarrel

I am currently writing a lot for TextBroker as I can write on a variety of topics for upfront pay that helps me to pay my bills. Each day after writing my $30-$50 worth of TextBroker articles I then write some articles for InfoBarrel.

I feel sad when I submit an article to TextBroker as I know it is no longer mine. Sometimes I finish a TextBroker article and then decide to post it on InfoBarrel instead. If I could afford to I would post all of my articles on InfoBarrel but I need the upfront pay.

Unique Article Ideas

By writing for TextBroker you can also combine y0our work. If you are writing an article for a TextBroker client then you are bound to have to do some quick research. When you are done writing the article for TextBroker you can then take the same topic with the research you have already done and write a 2nd unique article around the same subject. You can then submit this second article to InfoBarrel. If you write 10 articles in a day for TextBroker then you should be able to duplicate your efforts and come up with some additional articles for InfoBarrel that should take you little to no time as you have already did the research on the first article you wrote for TextBroker.

If you use this strategy you need t make sure that both articles, although dealing with the same topic, are unique. You definitely do not want to plagiarize yourself because the article you wrote for the TextBroker client will no longer be your property.

Benefits of InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel in my opinion is much better than TextBroker for a long term strategy. Let's assume that each TextBroker article you write earns you an average of $3.00. These articles for TextBroker may not take you very long to write so you actually can earn a nice hourly wage by writing for TextBroker. If you write say 10 articles per day for TextBroker and earn an average of $3.00 per article then you will earn around $900 per month. If instead of writing 300 articles per month for TextBroker you can spend the time to write 300 articles for InfoBarrel. At the end of the month you probably will not earn anywhere near $900 with your InfoBarrel articles.

You will however continue to earn on these articles you wrote for InfoBarrel every month. It may take you 6 months or longer to make your $900 with the articles but eventually they will earn you a lot more money than if you had written them for up-front pay from TextBroker.

As you build your folio of articles with InfoBarrel your income will increase. If you take the time to properly backlink and SEO your articles then you will earn more money faster.

My Strategy

My current strategy has been constantly evolving since I became a full time writer. I am now writing a lot more for TextBroker. By writing more for TextBroker it allows me to pay my bills and then I can concentrate on writing more articles for InfoBarrel.

My strategy is multi-fold but the basic idea is I write a certain amount with TextBroker each day and then I write articles for InfoBarrel. I have income coming in from various websites, affiliate programs, Adsense, etc. My goal is to increase my InfoBarrel earnings to around $500 per month. Once I get my InfoBarrel earnings increased to this level I can then use a few hundred dollars each month to outsource some unique content to build up my InfoBarrel folio even faster.

Writing for Money

I love the idea that I am building up my InfoBarrel earnings and it is all residual. I want to keep focusing on writing a lot of new content for InfoBarrel but I must also write for up-front pay from sites such as TextBroker so that I can pay my bills.