Limit Distractions

Stay The Course

A lot of people are interested finding out how to work from home online. We have all been living through a seemingly endless recession and the unemployment rate continues to rise. As a direct result of all this economic turmoil, more and more of us are looking for ways to supplement our income by working at home. One of the best ways to make money from is by writing online content. 

Write for more than one site as soon as you feel accustomed to the process. In the work at home world, this is known as not putting all of your eggs in one basket. In addition to writing for your own blogs, for instance, you could also start writing for some of the other self publishing sites such as HubPages, InfoBarrel and others. (If blogging interests you, you might also want to start up some monetized blogs of your own. A monetized blog is a blog that features advertising, such as Google Adsense advertising.) 

Add a lot of content to your writing sites and blogs on a daily basis. The key to succeeding as a work at home writer is to be as prolific as you possibly can be. The more articles you write, the better your earning potential. It really is as simple as that. If you can get yourself into the habit of adding content every single day, you might end up being rather pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can build up some rather sizeable article libraries at all of the various writing websites. 

To prevent writing burnout, you may want to take breaks from time to time. However, try not to take very long breaks because you don’t want to lose your momentum as a work from home writer. After all, if you are interested in getting your opinion “out there” in the blogosphere, the key is sticking with your writing regardless of any turmoil that may be going on in your personal or professional life. Sometimes online writers can get bogged down in one drama or another in either their online or offline lives. After all, emotional drama can be a great distraction from any serious task.

Develop tunnel vision when it comes to writing online (and your online life in general). If you frequent message boards and online forums, you know that there is always one or more dramas brewing on a daily basis. Don’t get sucked in to the melodrama because it will only distract you from the task at hand: writing articles and blog posts to earn money and express your thoughts and feelings. 

Refuse to participate in the drama online or off. While it might be interesting to distract yourself by reading some dramatic blog posts and forum discussions, don’t get too bogged down in them or your time will slip away. You remember the old saying that “time is money.” Well, this practical old adage certainly applies in the world of online writing. Any moment that you spend participating in forum debates is time that could probably be better spent writing articles or blog posts.

Avoid visiting sites, message boards and blogs that suck you in too much. If you have discovered that there are certain message boards or online communities that get you all riled up or that distract you from your goals of writing web content on a daily basis, then you may want to steer clear of those particular sites or forums altogether until or unless the dramas die down. 

People can get very engrossed in websites and online forums, but you always have to remember how precious your time is. Time spent on message boards is time you are not writing or not spending time with those you love. Be very careful about how you spend your precious time.