If you’re an article marketer, it's essential that writing good articles and making your articles reader-friendly be at the top of your priority list. Remember, you’re writing for your reader and the goal is to get these people to read your articles and then, click the links in your resource box or click the ads.

To begin with you need to find out what topics your readers really love and want to know more about. Writing good articles is about finding out those hot topics that are really interesting and that people are searching for. As well as doing your keyword research, you can check out different forums to see what topics their talking about.

Do they want how-to information? Are perhaps there hoping to get free tips from you. Are they looking to get more information about recent issues? Well, whatever there looking for...Give it to them. This is the best way to ensure that they'll want to read your article over another.

Here are 4 proven tips for writing good articles to make them alluring and deserving of your readers…

>>>> Tip Number 1. Make Your Content Informative...Not only will this help you earn money from your articles, but you can be certain that your readers will be informed with up to date information on the topic. So, make a point that your articles give the type of information that the reader want.

Rather than concentrating on seo writing by loading your content with too many keywords, share with them the information that there looking for and will find useful. This will not only help you keep them reading your article but will as well help you show your expertise in your niche. This is vital if you’re trying to convince someone to click a link to read more.

>>>> Tip Number 2. Keep Your Article Simple and Short...There’s a lot more folks who prefer to read online articles rather than regular books and magazines. One reason is because online articles are generally shorter and often less complex. So, don't try to come across as a English major using words that they don't understand...Make it a habit when writing good articles that you use simple words that anybody can understand.

Your readers will value it more if you share the information in a very simple language. Write concise short paragraphs. You should be able to talk about your topic using less than 1000 words.

>>>> Tip Number 3. Don't Over-optimize Your Articles...As most of us already know putting your keywords throughout your articles is helpful in article marketing but just make sure you don't overdo it and take away from the quality and readability of your articles. I recommend you use your keywords once for every 100 words and make sure that they're evenly applied throughout the content.

>>>> Tip Number 4. Make Your Article Easy to Read...Break the content into them short paragraphs or use point form. Take advantage of subheadings when and as required. These will help your readers to scan through the article and find the exact information that they're wanting to read and they can just skip over the points they might not really need.

Read and re-read your article by taking the time to do this you'll find that writing good articles isn't that hard.  Ensure that they're informative, very well-written, and worth your readers' time. You can also use an article writing service to do the job for you if you're not up to it.