Let Them Know Your Thoughts

As you get older, you should have a lot of experience and knowledge. Why not spread that to the people who are among the most important, your grandchildren? They can likely benefit from reading material that you create for them. You can, of course, talk to them directly but this isn't always an option. They may live a long way away or you could possibly not live long enough to tell them things that you would like to at different points in their life.

Grandparents should converse with their grandchildren, in person, on the phone, or through the written word. You may provide a different perspective for them. Their parents and teachers will deliver the most information but yours may be well received. You have a unique perspective that you can share. Maybe the grandchild has a particular ability, or fault, that you yourself had. You can discuss that in ways that others might not be able to.

Your messages to your grandchildren can take whatever form you would like. Perhaps you would like to write personal letters addressed to them. You can do so for children of any age. These days there are apt to be many, many photos of young children, and maybe even video, but how many personal accounts will there be? In time, children will want to know about their earliest years. Their parents will be able to relate stories and so will you.

If you intend to write messages to very young children, to be viewed at a later date, you can certainly do so. Either establish a blog for the purpose or simply create paper letters. Store these with your own effects until either you feel like sharing them with your grandchild or the child reaches a certain age. Perhaps you would like to offer some advice to your 13 year old granddaughter but she is only 2 years old now. Write your message and seal it in an envelope. Address it to the child and put a message that it to be opened on their 13th birthday. Hopefully you will be there on that day to share your message in person. If you are not, your grandchild will likely be very pleased with your thoughtfulness.

As you write more, you may find that you can easily dash off a message to your grandchildren for most any purpose. You can document your impression of them as they grow up. Do this for the second and subsequent children in the family. These individuals often do not have as many photos and stories saved by their parents.

Many people have received letters from their grandparents that have become important family keepsakes. If you start writing such material yourself, you may provide help, or at least entertainment, to your grandchildren. Writing can even be a fun pastime for you.

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Become an Author

If you find yourself with quite a vast amount of material to write, you may want to consider writing it down in a book. Self publishing is a great way to go. You can assemble a manuscript in a word processor and have it formatted in book style later. Easy to use publishing software allows you to do it yourself or you can have an editor.

Your book can be submitted to a publishing agent or you can try self publishing. Submitting an ebook to Amazon is free in the Kindle format. You can set your price, 99 cents and up. Amazon splits the revenue with you on a very fair basis. Some people earn pin money through the site, while others bank hundreds, (and even thousands), per month.

Published ebooks earn you royalties with every sale. They are also wonderful keepsakes that your children and grandchildren will be pleased to have. Your personal writing style can come through in your writing. The knowledge and experiences that you have can be subject matter for topics or you can write pure works of fiction. Authors provide strong background material for families, regardless of the type of work published.

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Writing Non-Fiction Works

Many authors find that non-fiction ebooks are quite easy to write. These can be based on your own personal background and experiences. Your career field is often a good source of material. Think about how much you know versus someone just starting out in your profession. Whether you have a background in medicine, trades, or business, your views are unique to you. You can be an automatic authority. There can be a willing audience will to learn from your ebooks, and they will be willing to pay for quality work. You can earn royalties for months, and years, after you publish. Best of all, publishing on electronic retail sites like Amazon is free for authors.

You can start by creating a short outline. This should be comprised of between 5 and 10 major points. These will later become chapters. Organize the outline chapters into a logical sequence such as the information someone should learn first, next, then last. Expand on the chapters to fill your ebook with content. Each chapter should be about 10 pages, (or more), long. Feel free to add images to illustrate your topic.

Your retail selling price can be determined by the quantity of information that comprises your book. At a minimum, you should have about 50 pages. This may command a $2.99 retail price. On Amazon, this will earn you about $2 at the maximum author royalty rate of 70%. Longer works can be sold for higher amounts. Each 10-15 pages above the 50 page minimum, can add a dollar to the retail list price. Just keep in mind that the maximum price for an Amazon listing at the 70% royalty is $9.99. You should generally keep your works below $10.

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