Why Frustration Kills Ambitions to make money online

Many people get frustrated when comes to making money online through articles, am just one of the many that have found it  difficult if not well planned. When my work begun to get result and I was getting some good earnings from Google and Amazon, the uncertainty happens when Google one of the dominant search engine platform changed the search Algorithm, all my two-year working disappeared, I didn’t know where to start and this force me into the drawing and came up with one conclusion. Over reliant on Content Management System created by other companies is very dangerous and your work can disappear when least expected.

It is frustrating to write for 2 or more years for things to change overnight, due to this I have decided to spread my writing articles in as many platforms as possible, apart from this I have also decided to host some few websites that I will be developing.

Lesson learnt
Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket
If I had written both at Hubpages and Info barrel I won’t have been affected to the extent that am starting all over again, anybody considering writing online for money should first have some self hosted domain for fall back purpose.

Terms and Condition of any writing company can change at anytime
As a writer you would be greatly affected if a company changes their terms and conditions of your participation on their platform and this will cause you dearly, continue looking for such sign and get prepare for the eventuality so as not get seriously affected

Have a plan
Treat writing online for money as business and create a plan for it, without a plan you can’t measure your progress or gauge your performance, the plan should be simple that can easily be followed, having a plan will create some self motivation as you move a long and able to achieve even half of your target. Should be  able to repeat the same steps as many time as possible and seeing different results.

Time is the answer to your frustrations
If you do too little and as time passed by you will get more frustrated with yourself and inability of not making money, do more within the shortest time possible to enable you realize some good result within the shortest time. You have to be determine to make any money online, otherwise earning online can just be an illusion.