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There are free resources available to help you choose more fitting keywords to use within your title, URL and content.  Using keywords that match your content is important but it's just as important to choose keywords that receive thousands of search inquiries each month.

The Benefits of Keywords

  1. Title - Should tell the visitor what the articles topic speak about.
  2. URL - The title becomes a part of the URL and help with SEO.
  3. Content - Use keyword within content but don't over use the keywords.
  4. Tags/Labels/Keywords - It does matter
Keyword Tools

Choosing a title that fits the topic/subject of your article is the first step you take before you start to write. The title should tell the visitor exactly what the article is all about before they click the link to read its content.

Another reason the title should fit the article's topic is the title becomes a part of the URL (Universal Resource Locator). The URL is the address of your article. The URL is the link used to submit to the search engines. Many article writers feel it is not necessary to submit new URLs to the search engines but the way I see it is that there are thousands of newly created URLs everyday and sparing a moment of your time to tell the search engines of your newly created article can't hurt. There is no guarantee that the search engines will find your URL especially if the URL is not linked to any other article, blog or website.  Also, when you edit whether it be updating content or adding links and images, manually submitting the URL to the search engines is, in my opinion important.

Choosing a title that fits the content of an article, I suggest using a free keyword tool to choose your keywords BEFORE you start to write. Doing a keyword search can help you decide what keywords best fit the flow of your content.  Choosing the keywords before you start to write will help you include the keywords throughout the article's content. Search engines are attracted to articles, blogs and websites that have the chosen keywords throughout it's content.  Again, never over use keywords.

Google offers two free services for webmasters and article writers to compare keywords. The Keyword Tool External shows you the keyword competition, global monthly searches, local monthly searches and local search trends. The Keyword Traffic Estimator Sandbox shows you the local monthly searches, estimated average CPC (Cost Per Click), estimated Ad placement, estimated daily clicks and estimated daily costs.

Tags and Labels are also known as keywords.  Some websites use the word Tags and blog created using blogger use the word Labels.

Webmasters and article writers use the free keyword tools differently. For example, when I use these free tools to compare keywords, I like to choose keywords that have a high search inquiries instead of focusing on the keywords bidding price. I choose keywords by viewing the global monthly searches and the local monthly searches and the higher the number the better. I'm more focused with keywords searched for daily/regularly and not the highest paying keywords.  Being a content writer my goal is to get my articles in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors each day and doing so increases the chances of the visitors clicking on the Ad/Link Units or the In-Text Ads. Keep in mind that Adsense Publishers earn revenue not only from clicks but also from impressions.

If you're an article writer who has not used free keyword tools before, I suggest you start using them to better your chances of getting your URLs indexed to the search engines. Try to practice this every time you write an article, create a blog or website.

I hope these free tools help you continue to learn and grow with your Internet writing business. Enjoy the freebies and have fun.

Adwords As A Free Resource Tool

You don't need to buy Pay Per Click Ads to create an Adword account.  You can use the free tools within your Adword account to give yourself a better understanding how to better your SEO with search engines.  Create an account at Adwords, sign in then click on the Reporting & Tools tab to view the navigation menu.  From there you can play around to learn more about how Search Engine Optimization.

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