Jackies Wordle

 If you are new to writing online, then you probably do not realize that there are many free writing tools online that will make your life easier. Some write tools that are helpful are of course the keyword tools, word count tools, word tool, search tools, citation tools, and back linker tools. There are many more free tools out there that are waiting to found. The tools that I am listing today do not require any kind of sign up or free trial. These tools are good for beginners because they let you get your feet wet before you go spending any money on something that you don’t really need.

Keyword Tools

1. Google Keyword Tool - Use this tool before you write and title your article. Make sure that you check all of the boxes on the right hand side under columns and then you can see what is being paid for a particular keyword. Make sure that the competition is not too high in the green bar and try to use phrases that pay over $1.00. The higher the paying clicks the better. You will need fewer clicks, and you will make more.

2. Wordstream - Here is another keyword generator tool that gives many suggestions for long tailed keywords. Very good site.

3. Keyword Hacker - This use to be listed under youcanwritearticles.com, but now it has a new url. This will tell you your keyword density and it will let you know if your keywords are in your title. This is an excellent tool.

Word Count Tools

1. Word Count Tool - This is great to use, especially when you are writing in word and you just want to paste your work into the box to see how close you are to the required word count before pasting it into Info Barrel.

2. AllWorldPhone.com - You can’t find it from the home page so copy and paste this address into your browser http://allworldphone.com/count-words-characters.htm and it will come up. It has a word counter and a character counter as well as a 3D graphic creation tool.

 3. Word Counter Tool.com - This tool count the amount of words and characters as you type plus it tells you how many words that you type a minute.

Word Tools

1. Wordle - This is a cool tool that can actually add a picture to your writing using the words that you have written about. The picture above was made in wordle, however I have problems copying with screen print to save it so I just took a picture of it with my camera. There is more than one way to skin a cat. It is a cool tool.

2. Wordnik - You will find everything that you need to know about a word here. It has got it all.

Search Tools

1. Scroogle - Lets you know where your article or blog is in the Google rank. Very good took to keep up with your popularity.

2. Google Wonder Wheel - This is a great tool to find different search terms. It can help you to write many different articles about one keyword.

 Citation Tools

1. Son of Citation Machine - This is a great tool to make your citations. It can be found at citationmachine.net.

2. Easy Bib - You will love this tool. All you have to do is copy and paste the url of the page that you are doing research on and copy and past it in the cite this box and hit go. When your finished just copy and paste your citation at the end of your article.

Backlink Checker Tools

1. Backlink Watch - This is a great site that will tell you all of your backlinks, their PR, and if they are no follow.

These tools are all free and do not require any signup. You can go copy and paste, and get in and get out. These tools are all free writing tools that will help you to optimize your articles and do research. If you can think of any that I have not listed, then leave me a comment. This will help all of the writers here on Info Barrel and it will benefit our readers too.

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