Once you have signed up for InfoBarrel it can feel exciting, confusing, and overly difficult. The good news is that it doesn't have to be hard to write for InfoBarrel and the more that you do it the more that you will be able to write lots of really great articles. After a little practice you will be able to whip out articles left and right. This process will become easier and easier.  

Choose a Topic

The first step in writing your first article for InfoBarrel is to choose a topic. You can worry about how much money you can make, but in reality the best thing to do when you first start out is to choose a topic that you are comfortable with, that you won't need to do a whole lot of research for, and that you can write a lot about without getting sick and tired. Here are some ideas to help you choose a topic:

  • Roles in Life – We learn a lot from the things that we have to learn and the roles we play in our life are a great place to start. This can include being a mother or father, a grandparent, a son or daughter, an aunt or uncle, or any other role you might play in your life.
  • Employment – You may also learn a lot in the jobs that you have worked. This could be cleaning from a janitor job, how to make coffee as a barista, or even how to prepare your taxes or clean a wound. Think about all of your jobs including the one you have now and the ones that you have had in the past.
  • Education – You can also include things that you learned through education. This can include grade school, high school, and college. Any of your favorite topics and anything that you remember can be used as an article topic.
  • Hobbies – Perhaps one of the best places to draw your first article idea (or ideas) is your hobbies. These are the things that are closes to you. Often they are the easiest to write about. You could give secrets on how people can improve their golf game or share tips on how to create the best scrapbook pages. Whatever your passions are, those are some of the best topics to choose.  

Make Sure the Keyword Works Well

Few things suck more than writing a bunch of articles, learning about keyword research, and finding out that those articles that you wrote before aren't likely to ever make money. Many times people have great ideas. They come up with topics that they know a lot about and even ones that people want to learn about. Then they choose a keyword like they would search it and find out that they are only one in a handful of people who would put it that way.

Some writers out there feel you need to jump in and learn everything there is about choosing keywords before you get start. I don't think that's true. It can be way too much to take in. However, it is a really good idea to go to Google's Keyword tool and use it to learn a little more about your topic. As a basic choose “exact” under Match types on the left hand side. Unselect “broad”. Enter one or more ideas in the word or phrase box. You can click the “only show ideas closely related to my search terms” if you want keyword phrases that include that word in them or you can leave it unselected to get a larger variety of ideas. Then search. You want to choose articles that have a decent amount of search engine traffic. This number differs according to different people. Many suggest at least a couple of hundred to a thousand as your base. What you want to avoid choosing are words or phrases that don't get any searches or that only get a handful of searches.  

Write Your Article

Once you have a keyword or better yet, a phrase that has a decent amount of search engine traffic you get to start writing your article. This can be easy or difficult according to how long it has been since you last wrote. The more you write the easier this will get. That's the good news. To write your first article you have a few options.

The first option is to write an odd paragraphed article such as the five paragraph essay that many people are taught in school. This relies on an introduction, paragraphs in the middle to explain the topic, and a conclusion. Articles on InfoBarrel need to be at least four hundred words long.  

The second option is to write an article that does a good job draining the topic. Some topics can do this in four hundred words, but most require a great deal more than that. To do this you will want to consider the topic from every side. Many of these types of articles can lead to many smaller articles. For example, if you write an article on Scrapbooking Supplies you could also write an article on cheap scrapbooking supplies, scrapbooking supplies online, and disney scrapbooking supplies. You will then be able to link the articles together for a series of articles.  

Proof Read Your Article

Once you have written your article you want to proof read it. This is easier for some people than others. If your English is a little rusty or not your native language you want to make sure that you do this more than once. You should wait a day in between reading your article so that you can see the mistakes.  

Publish Your Article

To publish your article you will need to click “Create” along the top menu on InfoBarrel. Then you will follow the steps. At the end you will need to click “Submit”. The article will then be sent to the approval que. Administration will look over it and if it passes then it will be published. If it doesn't then it will be sent back to you so that you can make corrections.  


In order to start publishing your articles right away you will need to get pre-approval status. This happens after you have 10 articles published and have been a member of InfoBarrel for forteen days or more. After you have pre-approval status you will be able to edit your own articles without needing to wait for them to be approved and you can publish articles as you get them finished. You will also be able to link your articles together easily.  

Writing your first article for InfoBarrel doesn't have to be really hard. In fact, it can be really easy. Simply by following these directions you will be able to get that article done quickly and get started on the next one. You can do this!