Tip in writing article

Ideas are the main challenge for writers. No ideas, no content. No content, no readers. No readers means no income. How to create ideas for the content of your your article's content? There are a few ways to get ideas for creating a content:-

1. Readers’ question – some sites offer readers to post questions for the blogger to answer. These questions will also help blogger some ideas on what content for them to write or discuss on their next writing.

2. Reading books about making money on the internet are full of motivations and encouragements to make money on the internet. If we want to have more ideas to write, I would strongly suggest you get a purchased ebook instead of free ebook. Why? When purchasing an ebook, it is important to get the Return of Investment, which will motivate you more to write an article. Below are some books that I would like to recommend you to buy to get some ideas:-

- Legitimate Online Jobs*

- Home Business Models*

- Work From Home Mastermind Video Course MRR*

3. Read other blogs – and not just any blog, blogs that related to our topic. It will basically gives you some ideas on what to write, especially if you really run out of ideas.

4. Becoming a ghost writer – a writer who writes for other author but all credits goes back to the author. What the ghost writer received is the pay for the writing he did. Ghost Writing Gold* is an excellent ebook for you to explore what ghost writer is all about.  It is not easy becoming a ghost writer but how knows, you might have talent of becoming a ghost writer. 

5. Search in forums and yahoo.answers.com – this is an interesting method to do while having fun browsing. Usually in forums and yahoo.answers.com, people will throw questions on their problems and looking for solutions. Why don’t you use this opportunity to create your niche and ideas to write an article.  You’ll be surprised that you’ll get some unexpected things which will be a niche for you.

How to make your article interesting?

Some points to make your article interesting are:-

1. Have a nice paragraph which is not too long and not too short. Too long will make readers bored and their mind flying somewhere. Sometime readers tend to skip the paragraphs that are long in order to finish reading the article.

2. Use numbers or bullets – this will make sure that the readers understand the ideas or concept that you are sharing.

3. Disturb the readers feeling by making them happy or touched – sometimes feeling will make readers to continue reading the article. Even for us also, if we love babies, a title like “A Toddler Killed” will touch our feeling and would want to continue reading to know the cause of death.

4. Make the reader curious – a topic such us “Tricks to know if your husband is cheating behind you” will encourage readers to read more.

Myths that stop people from writing:

1. I don’t have an idea on what to write – reading forums, ebooks and encourage questions are ways to find ideas.

2. I need to read more than only can write – not all articles need readings. Article is an expression of your ideas and feeling. The best thing about writing articles is it can be at any format you like.

3. What if I’m wrong? – as mentioned before, an article is an expression of your ideas and feeling and most readers now are mature in giving critics. It is also a process of learning. More critics you received, the more mature you’ll be. 

Those are my tips to get ideas in writing an article. How about you? Come and share your tips with the world what do you do when you are out of ideas to write articles.